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Student Council

The Galgotias University Student Council is a student-led organisation that serves as a hub of talent and inspiration. Conceived with a vision beyond the ordinary, it contributes to personal growth, is a crucible for honing leadership skills, and is a gateway to well-rounded, holistic development. It is a realm where orchestrating every event with grace isn't just a skill but an art form, where every member's uniqueness is celebrated. Comprising a collective of 24 clubs, it represents a diverse array of interests on the university campus, where diversity is not just embraced; it's celebrated.

The Student Council is a conglomerate of the Core Team, Club Heads, Club Coordinators, and Club Members, each assigned distinct duties and functions. At the helm are the President and Vice Presidents, constituting the Core Team, serving as the institutional ambassadors and the focal point for all extracurricular endeavours at Galgotias University. Taking on the pivotal role of Club Head, they stand as the primary representatives of their respective clubs. Meanwhile, the club coordinators operate as the key drivers within their clubs. The Galgotias University Student Council is the beating heart of a thriving community where every student's journey is a story waiting to be told.

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Core Team



Shruti Saxena

Vice President (Academic)

Rahul Bhogal

Vice President (Cultural Affairs)

Devansh Kaushik

Vice President (Events)

Saumya Pathak

Vice President

Umad Sofi

Vice President

Avanindra Vikram Pratap Singh

Vice President

Tapish Rawat

Vice President (Treasurer)