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About SIH

Smart India Hackathon 2023 is a nationwide initiative to provide students a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem solving.

About GU

Galgotias University, located in Uttar Pradesh and sponsored by Smt. Shakuntala Educational and Welfare Society, has been recognized as a leading academic institution by achieving a high benchmark in academic excellence with a NAAC A+ score of 3.37 out of 4 in the first cycle. The university began operations in the 2011-2012 academic session and welcomed its first batch of students in July 2011. Since then, it has grown to have 30,000+ students. Galgotias University aims to become an internationally recognized institution that excels in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education, research, and innovation, producing globally competitive graduates poised to become leaders in their fields. Graduates will possess deep knowledge in their chosen fields, strong problem-solving skills, an understanding of the societal context of their profession, effective teamwork abilities, excellent communication skills, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Galgotias University’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing students is a core reason for its consistent top rankings among Indian universities. By maintaining a low student-to-faculty ratio, Galgotias University ensures that every student receives ample individual attention and personalized mentoring opportunities. Galgotias University has earned numerous accolades for its outstanding academic programs, including recognition as ‘Excellent’ in the ARIIA Ranking 2021, as well as receiving UGC-12B status and DSIR SIRO. The university has also been ranked among the 101-151 universities in India, with a 101-151 band in the Engineering category, a 52nd ranking for Pharmacy, and a 91st ranking for Management in the prestigious NIRF INDIA RANKINGS 2023, as well as ranked among top 50 universities in India in the NIRF-Innovation Ranking 2023, declared by the Ministry of Education. At Galgotias University, students receive a world-class education that prepares them for success in their chosen careers. With state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and a wide range of programs and courses, Galgotias University is dedicated to producing graduates who are both academically strong and well-rounded individuals capable of making meaningful contributions to society.

SIH Theme

Event Schedule/Timeline

Core Team

Dr. Avadhesh Kumar

Pro VC, Galgotias University

Dr. Nitin Gaur

Registrar, Galgotias University

Nodal Officer

Dr. Meenakshi Sharma

Director IQAC

Team Members

Committee Name of Incharge
Core Team Dr. Avadhesh Kumar (Pro Vice-Chancellor)
Dr. Nitin Gaur (Registrar)
Nodal Officer Dr. Meenakshi Sharma (Director IQAC)
Registrations and Bills of material Committee Dr. Sunita Yadav (Associate Dean, SCSE)
Dr. Kumud Shukla, SoAg
Dr. Aanjey Mani Tripathi, SCSE
Mr. J. Jagan, DOCE
Dr. Sheetla Prasad, DEECE
Dr. Pardeep Singh, SCSE
Dr. Pooja Singh, SCSE
Document Support Committee Dr. Gaurav Kumar, IIC In-Charge
Dr. Sumedha Mukherjee, SBME
Ms. Surabhi Verma, SON
Mr. Gokul Ranjan, SCSE
Branding Committee Mr. Kaushal Raghav (PS to Director Operation)
Ashwani Varshney (Dy. Manager)
Mr. Kamran, Design
Mr. Gulam Ansari, Design
Mr. Nihal Kaushik, Design
Mr. Arun (PRO Team)
Media coverage & Event Management Committee Dr. A Ram Pandey, Dean, SMCS
Dr. Deepak Soni, HOD, DOCE
Ms. Kimmi Gupta, SCSE
Ms. Ambika Gupta, SCSE
Ms. Pragya Tiwari, SCSE
Ms. Ruhika Mehra, SOLE
Ms. Gargi Tyagi
Mr. Dushyant Rana
Fab Lab (Electronics workshop and mechanical workshop) Committee Dr. Sudhir Kumar Singh, HOD SOME
Dr. Lokesh Varshney, HOD DEECE
Dr. K. K. Dubey, DOME
Dr. Prabhat Shrivastava, DEECE
Mr. Shrikant Vidya, DOME
Mr Kshitij Kumar, SOD
Mr. Vikas Jha (Asset)
Md. Shariph Ansari
Mr. Deshraj, DOME
Mr. Irshad, DOD
Mr. Anand Sharma, DOME
Mr. Umesh Nagar, DOME
Mr. R P Sharma, DOME
Mr. Sandeep Kumar, DOME
Accommodation Committee Dr. PKS Nain, Chief Proctor
Dr. A K Jain, DSW
Dr. Aradhana Dutt Johari, SBS
Dr. Divya Tripathi, SBS
Dr. Vinny Sharma, SBMS
Mr. Prashant Bharadwaj (Sports Officer)
Mr. Ramveer, Hostel Warden
Mr. Ashish Mishra, GCET
IT Support Committee Mr. Pradeep Tiwari, IT Head
Mr. Nitin, IT Team
Mr. Durgesh, IT Team
Mr. Ankit Patel
MoE Judges/ Evaluators facilitation committee Dr. Anamika Pandey (Associate Dean, SOB)
Dr. Amrita Tyagi, SOLE
Dr Shrddha Sagar, SCSE
Dr. Mayur Kumar, DOME
Mr. Ajeet Kumar, SOB
Sports/Yoga Committee Mr. Prashant Bhardwaj (Sport Officer)
Mr. Than Singh (Yoga Instructor)
Guest & Volunteer Management Committee Dr. Yash Saxena (Head INCC, Security & Admin)
Health and well-being Committee Dr. Lekha Bisht, Dean SON
Dr. Sneha Bakshi
Food and Snacks (Catering & Hospitality) Committee Dr. Rajeev Mishra (Dean, SOHT)
Dr. Vikash Singh
Mr. Rohit Jaswal
Mr. Himanshu Sharma
Ms. Monalisha Das
Movie, Website & Social media Committee Ashwani Varshney, Dy. Manager
Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma
Mr. Nikunj Bihari
Mr. Vineet Mittal
Mr. Umad Sofi
Maintenance and housekeeping Committee Mr. Suresh
Venue Management Committee Dr. Seema Gupta (Dean, SOB)
Dr. Ashish Srivastava, SCSE
Dr. Ajay Shankar Singh, SCSE
Dr. Usha Chauhan, DEECE
Dr Shrddha Sagar, SCSE
Dr. Prabhat Shrivastava, DEECE
Dr. Ravi, SOAG
Dr. Shweta Thakur, SOL
Mr. Pragati Kumar, SOB
Mr. Vikas Jha, Asset
Mr. Pradeep Tiwari, IT Head
Md. Shariph Ansari
Mr. Nitin, IT Team

Participating Team


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5