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Computing Science and Engineering (CSE) is an interdisciplinary field that combines various scientific and engineering disciplines with computer science to create innovative solutions to complex problems. The School of Computing Science & Engineering at Galgotias University is a dynamic and vibrant innovation ecosystem comprising distinguished faculty, researchers, and students. Our School is devoted to advancing the field of CSE and developing future leaders who will keep pace with and solve the most challenging problems in science, engineering, health, and social domains. Our faculty members are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their respective fields. They are dedicated to research and actively engaged in research projects across various domains such as computer networks, software engineering, digital image processing, wireless sensor networks, Cloud Computing, Big data, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Edge Computing

At the School of CSE, we provide extensive computing resources for research and education. The school supports specialized equipment for individual research efforts in vision, computer architecture, networking, security, mobile systems, and distributed computing. The resources available to our students enable them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field of CSE. Our well-designed curricula and fully flexible credit system enable our students to aacquire relevant knowledge and skills while providing flexibility in choosing courses of interest.

The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in Computer Science & Engineering and Computer Applications. Our programs are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of CSE, as well as advanced knowledge and skills in specialized areas of their choice. To further enhance the core competence of our students and foster learning in newer technologies, the school has established the following technical divisions. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data, Computer Network, Computer Vision, Cyber Security & Privacy, Distributed System and Cloud Computing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), The Software Engineering Research, Web & Mobile App Development, Signal Processing, IOT and Wireless and Cognitive Computing. These divisions focus on specialized areas of CSE, and students can choose to specialize in one of these areas as per their interests.

The school has also established a Center for Data Science & Analytics, which focuses on developing advanced analytical tools and techniques to solve complex problems in various domains such as healthcare, finance, marketing, and social media. The School of Computing Science and Engineering at Galgotias University is a pioneer in the field of technology in India, driven by our state-of-the-art infrastructure and strong industry collaborations. We have over 30 state-of-the-art labs equipped with the latest tools and technologies that enable our faculty and students to conduct cutting-edge research and innovation in various domains of computer science and engineering.

Our labs are designed to provide students with hands-on experience in programming, networking, database management, software engineering, and other specialized areas of computer science and engineering. We encourage our students to work on live projects, collaborate with industry partners, and participate in hackathons and coding competitions to hone their skills and gain practical experience. In addition to our world-class labs, we have established strong industry collaborations with over 20 indigenous companies across various domains such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and e-commerce and has established the following value added programs BSFI informatics by IBM India, Linux Fundamentals, VMware Certification On virtualization for Beginners, Java SE8 Programming and Oracle 12C by CETPA Infotech Ltd, Cloud Computer course by IBM India, Data Analytics course by IBM India, Employability Enhancement Program (EEP), Python Programming Language Training, Computer Hardware and Troubleshooting, PLC Scada by CETPA Infotech Ltd, RPA Developer course under UiPath Academic Alliance program, Wipro Talent Next Program, Employability Enhancement Program, InfyTQ and Fundamentals of Computer and hardware Troubleshooting. These collaborations provide our students with opportunities to work on real-world projects, internships, and job placements, and gain exposure to the latest industry trends and practices.

The school has one of the best infrastructures including domain-specific labs associated with the technical departments mentioned below - many of these labs are sponsored by industry leaders e.g. ios Development Centre Lab, IBM, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat and Microsoft. The school has a good record of organising seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences in emerging technological areas. With an objective of developing core competence in the respective subject matter specializations and special interest groups for learning newer technologies, the school has formed the following specializations courses:

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Internet of Things and Cyber Security Including Block Chain Technology)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Gaming Technology)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Business Analytics and Optimization)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Network and Cyber Security)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Analytics)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Cloud Computing and Virtualization)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security and Digital Forensic)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing)

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Full Stack Development)

M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

M.Tech in Data Science

In conclusion, the School of Computing Science & Engineering at Galgotias University is a leading institution in the field of CSE, with a focus on research, education, and community outreach. Our faculty members are dedicated to research, and our students have access to extensive computing resources and flexible curricula that enable them to acquire relevant knowledge and skills. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are confident that our students will become the next generation of leaders in the field of CSE.

Apex and Accreditation Bodies

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UP Government


University Grants Commission


All India Council for Technical Education


The Bar Council of India


Indian Nursing Council

Group 19563

National Council for Teacher Education.


Pharmacy Council of India


The Indian Association of Physiotherapists


Association of Indian Universities


Galgotias University accredited by NAAC with the A+


Programs are accredited by NBA (CSE, ECE, ME, MBA and B.Pharm)

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Akash Khairal

Akash Khairal

B. Tech CSE | 2018 -2022
As I reflect on my time at Galgotias University, I am struck by the word "exceptional." The quality of education I received there was second to none, thanks to the university's education-friendly environment, which included seminars, study tours, and various skill development programs. Not only did these programs enrich my knowledge, but they also gave me the tools I needed to succeed in my career after graduation. The faculty members at Galgotias were instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Their vast knowledge and expertise provided me with valuable insights and guidance that I still carry with me to this day. Through their unwavering support and motivation, I was able to reach new heights and achieve my full potential. My time at Galgotias University not only shaped my career but also transformed me as a person. I gained confidence, learned to work effectively in teams, and developed the skills I needed to communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly. The university also provided ample opportunities for extracurricular activities, which helped me to become a well-rounded individual. In conclusion, I am grateful for the exceptional education I received at Galgotias University, and I owe my success to the dedicated faculty members and the university's commitment to providing a holistic learning experience
Suraj Kumar

Suraj Kumar

2020 -2022
Galgotias University has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. The university also conducts guest lectures, seminars, workshops, and industrial visits to bridge the gap between academia and industry. They are committed to providing quality education to the students and help them develop the necessary skills and knowledge required to succeed in their careers. The university has tie-ups with various reputed companies, and the students are placed in top-notch companies with good salary packages. Overall, Galgotias University is a great place for students who are looking for quality education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and excellent placement opportunities.