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Admission Procedure

Transportation Services

Galgotias University offers a transportation service for non-hostellers to commute between its two campuses, Galgotias College (Campus One) and Galgotias University (Campus Two).

The transportation fee for this service is as follows:

Route: Galgotias Campus One to Galgotias Campus Two

  • Fee: ₹10,000 per annum

This transportation fee is optional and applicable only for non-hostellers who wish to avail of the university transportation service. The fee covers the to-and-fro commute between the two campuses for the entire academic year.

Students residing in the university hostels are not required to pay this transportation fee as their commute between the campuses is already included in their hostel charges.

For more information about the transportation service, including pickup and drop-off points, timings, and other details, please contact the university Admission department or refer to the student handbook.

Note: The transportation fee is subject to change, and students are advised to confirm the current fees with the university authorities before making any payments.