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Teaching is widely regarded as a noble profession in our country, where teachers are revered as transmitters, inspirers, and promoters of man's eternal quest for knowledge. Teachers have always held a high place and reputation in society, due in part to the inborn teachers of ancient times who sacrificed their lives for teaching. Initially, only those individuals who possessed the inherent qualities to become effective teachers were accepted or permitted to teach. However, as the demand for good teachers increased with the expansion of the school system, a system of teacher training came into existence. Through teacher training, those desirous of entering the teaching profession are trained in teaching skills with perfection. This trend has continued with the rapid expansion of the field of teacher education in different dimensions, aimed at producing effective teachers.

Galgotias University's School of Education offers full-time, regular, and face-to-face undergraduate and postgraduate programs in education, including Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Master of Education (M.Ed.), respectively. These programs are being run in collaboration with other schools/departments of the university, such as Liberal Education, Basic and Applied Sciences, Commerce, Engineering and Technology, Nursing, Media and Mass Communication, etc., as required by the National Education Policy (NEP)-2020. The university also offers a Ph.D. in Education program for research and development. The B.Ed. and M.Ed. programs are duly recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) under its Regulations of 2014.

The B.Ed. program is a pre-service professional teacher education program that prepares school teachers from primary to senior secondary level classes. The M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Education programs are aimed at developing teacher educators, researchers, and professionals for effective participation in educational activities in different areas. The School of Education is set up with the objectives of providing excellence in the preparation of teachers, teacher educators, education professionals, and researchers. The quality of the pupil-teacher is determined by the quality of education, knowledge, attitudes, values, and experiences provided during the teacher training program. Teachers play a significant role in any society as they build the foundation of a sound nation, and the School of Education is dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality opportunities to our students.

According to the National Education Policy - 2020, "teacher education is vital in creating a pool of schoolteachers that will shape the next generation. Teacher preparation is an activity that requires multidisciplinary perspectives and knowledge, formation of dispositions and values, and development of practice under the best mentors. Teachers must be grounded in Indian values, languages, knowledge, ethos, and traditions, including tribal traditions, while also being well-versed in the latest advances in education and pedagogy."

The programs offered at the School of Education are rigorous, comprehensive, and deal with the practical realities of the students' career. The school has modern classrooms, seminar halls, different resource centers, a good collection of books in the library, and other advantages of Galgotias University. The School and University conduct different curricular and co-curricular activities, and a tutor-ward (mentor) system is being followed, in which the faculty takes care of the students at a personal level to cater to the diverse learning needs of the students. Long sessions of pre-practice teaching (preparatory teaching, microteaching, integrated lessons, and simulated teaching), demonstration lessons, practice of teaching, and school internship are conducted to help B.Ed. student-teachers develop their teaching skills and understanding of concerned teaching pedagogies. Much emphasis is laid on achieving excellence in academics, sporting, cultural, and recreational activities, and a conscious effort is made to instill values in the generation next.

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Galgotias University accredited by NAAC with the A+


Programs are accredited by NBA (CSE, ECE, ME, MBA and B.Pharm)

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Atendra Sharma


Founder and CEO | TCA Academy
The School of Education at Galgotias University is the right place for the students' education and learning. At this place, I found educators who are very helpful, qualified, and knowledgeable, and who have always guided and motivated me throughout my courses. Before joining the course, I had my own institute, and being an institute teacher, I never realised that there could also be effective methods of teaching, and this changed my thoughts of teaching. Here, I also learned inclusive teaching methods, which helped me teach effectively and gave me the opportunity to identify the methods of teaching to all types of students. This course has helped me shape my future as a progressive teacher.

Ayushi Sikarwar

I am Ayushi Sikarwar, alumni of B.Ed department, I have done Bachelor of Education from Galgotias University. Let me share my experience with you all. So initially I was very introvert person and unable to express my opinion and matter in crisp and precise manner to anyone. This degree helped me a lot to enhance my skills in various aspects like physical, emotional, social etc. In this degree we learned a lot about how to express our opinions properly and how to communicate so that we become a teacher who can willing to change the scenarios of today’s education system. We conducted lots of activities under the guidance of our teachers. Faculty of SCHOOL OF EDUCATION is actually very supportive and always kept us motivated during our journey. Faculty is very helpful. I felt drastic change in my personality because of this degree. Faculty will going to provide you a platform where you got chance to come up on stage and enhance your skills. For me , School of Education has contributed well in my personality development. Therefore I feel , the one who actually want to be a good in education field must choose SCHOOL OF EDUCATION from Galgotias University.

Julie Koshy

2018 -2020
Looking back on my education at Galgotias University, one word that comes to mind is exceptional. I found the classes and knowledge taught to be rewarding in every aspect, resulting in immediate success in my career upon graduation. The quality education one receives here through education-friendly environment, seminars, study tours, skill development programs etc helps in building up one's career in the best way possible. My journey during the course has completely moulded and shaped my personality and given me the confidence to impart what I know. The all-time support and motivation provided by the highly intellectual and experienced faculty members have enlightened me throughout this wonderful journey. Huge respect, love, and devotion to the entire faculty members and department. It's their efforts that make me count myself in a better profession.

Swati Malik

I am happy that I chose the right University for my B.Ed. course. I got various opportunities to enhance my skills in curricular and co-curricular fields. I really found it the right place for a teacher trainee who aspires to achieve good academic background in teacher education both in practical and theoretical. I got the opportunity to study varied subjects and do so many activities which I had never done before. It was an awesome journey and special thanks to all my faculty members for their immense support, love and cooperation. I got to learn so much with this experience which I am implementing in my teaching and because of this experience and exposure, I received Star Teacher award in the first year of my teaching career.

Virendra Panchal

Looking back on my Bachelor of education in the School of Education Galgotias University , one word that comes to mind is exceptional. I found the classes and knowledge taught to be rewarding in every aspect, resulting to immediate success in my career upon graduation. While at GU, I studied Bachelor of Education, I was always fascinated with and fell in love with while completing the degree on campus. One of the greatest things with the School of Education Department is the professors. They truly understand the merging of lectures and real-world examples to review while learning different topics in the Educational subject. The degree earned at GU will set you up with all the tools needed to have a successful career in any path you follow. I am proud to be a part of such a great institution and call myself a Galgotians.