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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Galgotias University has established Institution's Innovation Cell (IIC) under MoE's Innovation Cell in 2018-2019. In IIC 3.0 (AY 2020-21) and IIC 4.0 (AY 2021-22), the University received 4 Star Rating (Highest Star Rating) by Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC). The IIC, Galgotias University is proud to be included as one amongst sixteen Governing member of IIC Consortium, Uttar Pradesh in AY 2022-2023. Galgotias University, Uttar Pradesh recognized in band “Excellent” in Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) Ranking 2021 by Ministry of Education, GoI.

Galgotias university has set up an Innovation cell to inculcate the spirit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship among students & faculty members and add value to national innovation initiatives of Govt. of India including ARIIA, IIC, KAPILA, NISP, YUKTI and Hackathons.

20 plus faculties have completed the Innovation Ambassador Training offered by Ministry of Education & AICTE and providing support and mentoring to students to transform their idea into startup.

The Government Innovation Initiatives at the University are:

  • Establishment and functioning of Institution's Innovation Cell (IIC)
  • Participated in KAPILA and Adopted National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP)
  • Developing the YUKTI Portal for submission of Idea/Innovation and Startups
  • Participated in ARIIA Ranking and recognized in the band “Excellent” in 2021
  • Established IPR Cell and supporting the IPR filing
  • Hosted & participated (Won) in Smart India Hackathon- Hardware Edition 2022
  • Hosted & Participated in Toyotathon-Physical Edition 2022
  • Participated in Drug Discovery Hackathon 2021
  • Granted UGC-12B status and DSIR SIRO.
  • Trained 26 Faculties for Innovation Ambassador Program
  • Establishment and functioning of student driven E-Cell & Innovation Cell
  • Incubation Centre as "Galgotias Incubation Centre for Research Innovation Start-up and Entrepreneurship (GICRISE)" in 2020 as section 8 compony
  • Registration of Incubation Centre on StartinIndia & StartinUP Portal

IIC-Galgotias University has organized 25+ events along with Entrepreneurship Cell of Galgotias University in the AY 2019-2020. In AY 2020-2021, IIC-Galgotias University has organized 30+ events in along with E-Cell. In AY 2021-2022, IIC-Galgotias University has organized 55+ events with E-Cell, IPR Cell, Startup Cell and various schools of the University. In AY 2022-2023, IIC-Galgotias University has organized 30+ events with E-Cell, IPR Cell, Startup Cell and various schools of the University.

Student Entrepreneurship Cell (e-Cell) & Innovation Cell has more than 250 student members from various schools. E-Cell & Innovation Cell of Galgotias University is completely student driven body and actively involved in organising of brainstorming, meet-ups, idea pitch and many more activities & events. The e-Cell Galgotias University has also collaborated with other e-Cell for joint activities for entrepreneurship. 

Some of the flagship event under innovation & entrepreneurship are; LaunchPad, Galgotias InnoFest, National Start-up Case Study Competition, Galgotias Pitch, Open House for Projects. Pre-Incubated Student Start-up has won several B-Plan competitions and selected for prestigious programs of Accelerator & Venture firm. At present 40 student start-ups are pre-incubated and 09 student start-ups are incubated under the Galgotias Incubation Center. 

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