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Placement Policy

  • All the students, interested to appear for placement drives (on/off Campus) must be registered with Career Planning & Development Division (CPDD).
  • This is the responsibility of student to ensure that his/her data entered with CPDD office is correct (all marks & percentage, backlog, Email ID, Contact No. etc).
  • Before appearing for any placement drive, all the students need to ensure that they are meeting the required eligibility criteria of the company. If it is found that the student has given false information about his/her marks or backlog at the time of Campus Recruitment, it will be considered as a LEVEL 3 offence and the student will be awarded three black dots. Moreover, needless to say that his current job offer will be revoked by the company.
  • All announcements regarding CPDD activities, schedules and other day to day notices will be sent via email to student placement coordinators, circulation of these notices among respective mail groups will be considered as an official mean of communication between CPDD and the students. The students are advised to check their email and placement groups frequently for all CPDD related updates.
  • CPDD publishes the list of eligible students or opens registration form before any placement drive. It is mandatory for all the eligible/registered students to attend the drive, skipping the drive without prior written information will be considered as a LEVEL 1 offence and student will be awarded one black dot.
  • Usage of cell phones/laptops, ringing of cell phones, talking or walking out during the PPT is prohibited.
  • Students are advised to strictly follow the schedule of the placement drives; students reporting late will be sent back and will not be allowed to attend the drive.
  • Students are advised to be present at seminar Hall/Auditorium during the announcement of shortlisting for the next round, failing to do the same without prior information; the student will not be considered for the next round.
  • Once the student has attended the first round and is shortlisted for further rounds, he/she is advised to appear for all the remaining rounds of recruitment process. Students found unavailable from the venue without prior information and permission will be considered as LEVEL 2 offender and will be awarded two black dots.
  • Students are advised to maintain the highest level of decorum and discipline during on/off campus placement activities, if any student is found causing indiscipline or misbehaving with Company staff/CPDD staff/student coordinators/participating students; he/she will be treated as a defaulter and black dot/s will be awarded according to level of misconduct.
  • In case a student gets one black-dot as punishment by the CPDD and the same student gets one more black-dot for any other disciplinary action, then in this case, the number of black-dots will be added for that particular student which will be two black-dots.
  • Black dots will not be removed in any case, even if the student has faced the punishment. Black dots will always be carried forward.
  • Students are advised to follow below mentioned dress code before attending any recruitment drive; students not found in desired dress code will be sent back from the venue and will not be allowed to attend the drive.
Dress Code

Boys Girls
Sky Blue Shirt Sky Blue Shirt/Kurtas
Black trouser Black trouser/bottoms/skirt
Black tie Black blazer/Summer suit/business suit
Black blazer/Summer suit/business suit Black formal leather shoes/ bellies/ black socks
Black formal leather shoes/black socks Black Belt
Black Belt Tied hair

Level of offence Black Dot Award Result
LEVEL 1 Black Dot 1 (*) Warning
LEVEL 2 Black Dot 2 (**) Debarred from next 2 companies.
LEVEL 3 Black Dot 3 (***) Debarred from next 3 companies. Recommendation to deduct 25% GP Marks.
LEVEL 4 Black Dot 4 (****) Debarred from placements for the entire session. Recommendation to deduct 50% GP Marks
Explanation of Black dots

Any concern or query regarding placement process can be asked from CPDD office ensuring a formal channel of communication and grievance redressal via email addresses provided below. The same information can also be obtained by visiting CPDD office-

Name Email
Ms Manisha Chaudhry – Director CPDD
Mr Manish Pant – AGM Placements
Mr Khushandra Sharma – AGM Placements
Mr Vishal Sahani – AGM Placements
Mr Shyam Adhikari – Sr Manager Placements
Ms Renu Malik - Manager Placements
Mr Ekagra Dangwal - Manager Placements
Ms Prathana Singh - Executive
Mr Deepak Chand - Asst TPO
Mr Rohit Kumar – Asst TPO