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About International Office


Whom should I report/meet first when I report to the campus?

You are required to report and meet the staff of the International Relations office for joining formalities at Block C, 4th Floor Room No. 401 in the Galgotias University campus Plot No. 2, Yamuna Expressway, Opposite, Buddha International Circuit, Sector 17A, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 203201 & process the registration formalities.

If I am reporting late to the University?

If in any case, you are reporting late to the University after your admission, your lectures attendance might run short for each day you come late after the session has begun. In case of such an event, you are advised to seek prior permission in writing with a valid reason for reporting late to the University. You may send your application to international relations office

Where can I buy an Indian Sim card for my mobile?

You can apply for buying an Indian Sim card using photocopies of your passport at the various shops everywhere. For more information you may contact international relations office

What are the facilities provided to the parents accompanying their children to the University?

Students who have booked university recognized or recommended Hostels in advance, there are separate rooms in girls’ and boys’ hostels for the stay of parents accompanying their children to the University. In case of lack of separate room facility for Parents, they can stay in the same room with the student and avail the hostel food facility for a limited time. However, a piece of prior information about the arrival of parents along with their ward should be made to the International Student Relations office.

What if I have some documents pending which I cannot submit at the time of Admission?

If you couldn’t submit some of your Transcripts and Qualification Documents at the time of admission, you are required to submit them within a week of reporting at the University. The students whose result has been declared have to submit their Transcripts and Qualification Documents at the time of reporting & registration. For the students whose result is awaited and not yet declared, they must submit an undertaking that their Transcripts and Qualification Documents will be submitted for verification immediately (within one week) after their results get published. In case you fail to submit required pending documents after the undertaking period, your admission shall stand to cancel or any immediate action can be taken by the university.

Is it mandatory to stay In-campus Hostel for International students?

For international students there is no compulsion to stay in the university hostel, the student can make their choice for in and out-campus Hostels, University has in campus and out campus recommended hostels, however availability of the university hostel rooms is subject to the first come first served condition and booking system, In-campus hostels serve only vegetable food to its students, whereas out campus hostels serve both Veg and Non-Veg food, In private rented apartment students can cook the food by themselves.

How can I apply for the in and out campus hostel?

You can apply for the hostel well in advance same time at the time of confirming the admission by paying the full year Hostel fee through International relations office.

Are there any accommodations available privately outside/near the University campus? If yes from where can I get the list?

Yes, there are accommodations available outside the university campus. You can find such accommodations near the University on a sharing basis, for help and support in this regard you may contact international relations office or existing international students or international students’ representatives.

Can I pay the Tuition and hostel fee semester-wise?

Tuition and Hostel Accommodation fee is supposed to be paid as per the details mentioned in the offer and admission letter .

How can I commute daily for university if staying out the campus in privately rented apartments?

If you are staying in Greater Noida you can use private sharing auto service available outside of the campus near to main Entrance for daily up and down from your residence.

If you are coming from Delhi then take the metro for the botanical metro station, after that just Infront of the metro station, you can easily get buses for Pari Chowk. Keep in mind Green buses are AC and yellow and others are non-AC. AC bus will charge you 47INR and others will 27/- or 30/- As u reach Pari Chowk, get a sharing auto for Galgotias university. It will cost u 20/- or 30/ .

Is there any Dress Code or Uniform for students?

The Dress Code or Uniform depends upon the Academic course you have selected (mandatory to purchase Uniform from Campus if applicable) where students are supposed to wear a proper uniform as per the program requirement. For Dress code, students are informed by their school management, if not applicable students are required to follow the common Dress Code.

What is the medium of instruction in the classes?

Mode of Instruction in the classes is English Language.

IS AIU Certificate Mandatory for all international student to submit at the time of reporting?

For equivalency of the qualifying exam, the qualifications as recognized by A I U shall be considered. For any qualification not recognized by AIU, equivalency proof has to be provided by

the applicant from the Indian High Commission/ Consulate in their respective country or other concerned statutory body as applicable

What if I have not cleared my balance if any for Tuition and Hostel Accommodation fee?

You are strongly advised to not to make any delay in settling your fee account, The delay in any or both of above may result in blocking of your academic attendance and Student portal, Late registration fine and loss of studies due to non-attending the classes and/or cancellation of your Hostel and food facility with immediate effect. Fee cleared by your side but still accounts showing dues, in such case you need to contact international relations office with proof of payment.

My parents have transferred the whole amount of tuition fee as per the demand draft or admission letter and I have submitted the proof of payment for the same , still university accounts department is not providing me the receipts ,why ?

Reasons for the balance amount might be due to following reasons

Pending scholarship - It might be one of the reasons that adjustment of offered scholarship for studying at Galgotias university has not been settled or adjusted by the accounts during the first year or next year against your required tuition fee due to verification or approval pending by the concerned authorities of the university at the end of admission period.

Transaction charges – All the international transfers processed by the banks either sender or receiver have fixed international transaction charges, if not paid separately by the student, most of the times bank deduct the transaction charges from the transferred amount.

For any of the above issue, you may contact the International relations office for clarification

Can I open a student account being an International Student?

Yes, You can open your account in our partnered Bank Punjab and Sind branch, Close to the University and use the ATM facility on various points within the Campus. For the opening of Bank Account please contact the international relations office to assist you in providing the essential documents.

Can I wear my national dress on the Campus?

Yes, you can carry your National dress or other cultural material like a musical instrument, etc. on campus. You can wear the same during specific cultural events, International festivals, stage performances etc. to exhibit your culture and traditions.

Will I get help for my FRRO/Police registration from the university?

International Student Care Officer) will be in charge of FRRO help desk & will guide you through the entire FRRO registration process.(FFRO/Police verification is applicable to all students except from Nepal ,Bhutan .

Can I Change the Program once I get there before or after registration with or without paying the fee?

You can Change the Program once you reach campus before a specific deadline (to be announced by the University and mentioned in your admission letter) subject to availability of seats and eligibility criteria in that respective Program.

How about my safety on campus?

The campus is guarded 24x7 by security guards & CCTV monitoring. Galgotias University is a complete ragging free zone.

What is the payment schedule for Tuition Fee, Exam Fee & Hostel Fee?

Student needs to pay their Program and applicable Fee on or before arriving at the Campus. Subsequently, you are required to pay next semester or year fee in advance before the registration of new session, this payment cycle shall be maintained throughout the program for every student.

Can I pay my fee in cash?

Existing or newly admitted students can pay their fee using following modes i.e.

Online Transfer within India - Online Transfers through Personal Internet Banking (NEFT or RTGS) are possible, after the payment students need to fill the NEFT AND RTGS Details provided by the accounts for follow up of the transaction.

International bank transfer - you can make an international bank to bank transfer from your country to university bank account, for that you need to make an application at your country branch.

Cash – international student can pay the fee in cash as per the student’s yearly limit either in INR or USD Currency, Indian rupees are acceptable equal vent to prescribed fixed rate, equivalent dollar to INR rate would be mentioned in your admission letter

Using Paytm APP

What proof of payments do I need to submit after an international bank transfer?

Students are advised to provide the proof of bank transfer swift copy/advice, generated by the sender bank, please note that any deposit slip or manually created receipts are not acceptable as the proof of transfer, for the sample of swift copy students can inquire international relations office.

What if I have paid my fee through international Bank Transfer but university accounts have not received the amount?

As per the international Money Transfer obligations Due to any unwarranted and unforeseen circumstances, if the money of either party is held up with banks the party has attempted to send the money should initiate proper action and ensure the favourable statement of the transaction in question, university accounts and international relations office will provide you possible support to present the evidence of not receiving any amount from students side against the submitted swift transfer copy.

International transactions may take several days to reflect in the receiver account, students need to wait for the final confirmation given by the university.

New student’s registration is processed only after the confirmation of full and final payment received by the university.

Can International Students do a part-time job during the studies?

A lot of foreign students who come to study in India also explore work opportunities in the country. While the Indian government does not allow international students to work during the study in India, it exempts NRI, OCI and PIOs from this bracket.

Foreign passport holders are not allowed to work during their study period in India.

Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) are exempt from this rule and can work and study in India.

International students are allowed to take up internships and training in India. However, that has to be part of the programme that they are pursuing.

In most cases, the internships and training to be taken up by international students in India are unpaid.

OCIs and PIOs have to take permission from the university or institute they are enrolled with before taking up any part-time jobs.

There is no hourly limit on jobs for OCI and PIO students who want to work and study in India.

Internships and training taken up by foreign students have to be relevant to the programme they are studying.

India does not have any provision for a work permit for international students studying in the country. However, students who want to explore work opportunities after study can be given work permits provided, they fulfil the required criteria demanded by the immigration office and have been hired for a paid job by an organization.

Are there any minimum attendance percentage criteria for international students for appearing in exams?

All international students has to maintain must 75% attendance for the academic session

Do we need to purchase supporting study material during our studies?

Student are provided access to LMS software (Learning management System) for the study material, apart from this libraries are also available in campus for study material

What if I want to go back to my country without finishing my studies in any emergency, shall I be refunded my paid fee?

Due to any circumstances, if you go back to your country, you need to follow the proper exit process by taking permission from all the concerned departments of the university, For the whole process you need to meet and discuss the international relations office, fee paid full or half if any shall not be refunded in any case,

However in special cases may be of any individual, who has taken prior permission there case could be screened by the grievance committee of the university for adjustment of the fee to continue the studies later on.

Unreported international students for a specific period in the school, without prior application or information to the international relations office or to the school department, would not be considered for any sort of relief in the adjustment of fee or continuation of studies, in this event university may cancel the admission or can ask the student to re-apply as a fresh applicant from the first year.

Which is the main document of confirming my admission, offer letter or provisional admission letter, I have both, do I need to carry both till the time I finish my studies?

offer letter is an official document offered to you at free of cost after checking the eligibility of our application for the desired program for a particular session, offer letter is not a valid document for visa purpose and has an expiry date of one month .offer letter has general information of the program offered to study with all the essential details mentioned in it like name of the student ,his country ,offered program name, duration, required fee, bank details and scholarship if applicable.

Provisional Admission letter is an important piece of document issued by the International admission department confirming your provisional admission on the payment of Admission fee.

This letter is a valid document for obtaining a visa to study in India. You are advised to maintain this letter throughout your studies, this letter has all the similar details like offer letter but more specific instructions about pre and post-arrival information.

Do I need to sign any specific undertaking at the time of registration?

Yes, you need to sign an undertaking at the time of registration in the international relations office in regards to the information given to you and carefully read by you on attendance, Fee payment, Hostel instructions and many more if applicable.

Once I have finished my study, my visa is about to expire, when can I get my degree as I cannot travel back to India after returning home?

For all international students who have finished their study and passed all their subjects without any backlog, they can write an application and submit to the Controller of Examination cell for issuing the provisional transcripts immediately after the results are published online, for receiving the Original Mark sheets and Degree Certificate International students need to wait for the deadline announced by the university, if a student visa is about to expire and any delay occurring in getting the original Degree, meanwhile student can take assistance from international relations office to get their visa to extend for a specific period.

In case you have returned to your home country and couldn’t carry your original degree, you may write an email from your registered email id with the university to the registrar office and International relations office for the procurement of degree by suggested mode .you need to submit an undertaking for the same and bear the expenses of procurement if applicable.

Is there any single window access for international students to resolve their issues, what if I am facing any issue in my academics or non-academic related activities?

Officer in charge for international students support at international relations office is dedicated concern person to provide you 360-degree support throughout your studies and handle your queries in coordination with other concerned departments.