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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wireless Electric Solar Bus

Designed & Developed by Students

Galgotias University students have designed and developed an eco-friendly mode of transportation in the form of a wireless electric solar bus. This advanced vehicle utilizes cutting-edge Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication technology for autonomous operations. Additionally, its navigation system is supported by GPS, Bluetooth, ultra-sonic, and infra-red sensors, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted travels.

With a seating capacity of 18 individuals and a speed range of 0-60 km/hr, this innovative wireless remote-controlled bus runs on an intelligent battery management system, delivering a range of up to 120 km on a single charge. Its advanced features include Alexa Voice-controlled electrical circuits, automatic adjustable solar panels, front and rear cameras, and air conditioning.

The bus is designed to be completely pollution-free, delivering an eco-friendly and sustainable transportation solution. Its advanced technology and features are intended to provide a comfortable and efficient experience to passengers while ensuring that the environment is protected.