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Modern Agriculture and Career Opportunities

The agriculture sector in India remains the backbone of its society, employing about 58 percent of the population. With only 4 percent of the world's water resources and 2.4 percent of the world's land, India supports 17.8 percent of the world's population and 15 percent of the livestock population. India is a global agricultural powerhouse. According to an estimate, about 64 percent of people are directly and indirectly connected to agriculture. Although, in view of the good opportunities in the IT and management sector, till a few years ago, students did not take the agriculture sector seriously in terms of career, but now seeing the opportunities in this field, the agriculture sector has become more lucrative, rewarding and attractive. 

Agriculture as a field is not just about the traditional roles related to farming and crops. The focus has now shifted from traditional roles to various other dimensions like Horticulture, Poultry Farming, Pisciculture, Dairy Farming, Agricultural Biotechnology, etc. Agriculture is also being commercialized as proper attention is being paid to the marketing, distribution, and packaging of its output. 

Major careers associated with agriculture

1. Agricultural Engineering

As an Agricultural Engineer, you can be recruited by both government and private entities to provide consultancy services to various private and government organizations on machinery to be purchased, structuring of farms, and suggesting alternatives to traditional methods and techniques. In companies manufacturing agricultural machinery, you can work under various departments like Design, Research and Development, Maintenance, etc. 

2. Horticulture

You can explore careers like becoming a Floriculturist (cultivating flowers), Olericulturist (cultivating vegetables), Landscaping (designing & maintaining commercial or residential gardens and parks), Viticulturist (cultivating grapes), Pomologist (cultivating fruits), etc. You can also get into the research field as a Horticulture Scientist and contribute to the development of new and better methods of cultivation. You can also start your own horticulture business or nursery and grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. for commercial purposes.

3. Dairy Technology

After pursuing a B. Tech in Dairy Technology or B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture, you can work with dairy companies like Amul, Verka, Paras, etc. as a Dairy Supervisor and be in charge of dairy production and supervise the daily operations. You could also work to make strategic alliances, partnerships with other businesses, and joint ventures in order to expand business. Government research institutes also employ professionals as Dairy Scientists to conduct and advance research and development in this field.

4. Poultry Farming

After pursuing a degree in this field, you can find jobs in hatcheries, pharmaceutical companies, feed millers, veterinary hospitals, and feed analysis laboratories as a Poultry Farm Manager, Breeder, Hatchery Assistant, Production Technologist, Feeding Technologist, Poultry House Designer, Processing Technologist, etc.

5. Fisheries Science

Graduates in this field can find career opportunities with various employers including state and central government departments, academic institutions, and fish farms. Government agencies and industry organizations recruit for positions like Aquaculture Farmer, Shellfish Culturist, Hatchery Technician, Biological Science Technician, Fish Research Assistant, etc.

6. Agronomy

Prospect areas in this field are like Plant Scientists or Soil Scientists who work with the research department of the Ministry of Agriculture or Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) to test the fertility of the soil and conditions suitable for plantation. In the production and consulting sector, you would have to provide advice on the purchase and sale of crops and the trading of agricultural goods, etc. The work roles also range from District Sales Manager for seed companies, Crop Consultants for agro-based companies, as well as fertilizer and chemical salespersons.

7. Agricultural Economics

Career prospects for Agricultural Economists range from working in agricultural banks as Credit Analysts or Agricultural Loan Officers in approving loans to farmers. You could also work as a writer for magazines, trade journals, or newspapers, and publish articles relating to agricultural research, how the agricultural market works, trends in demand and supply of various agricultural goods, their price behavior, etc. You can also pursue your PhD and become a lecturer in this field. Apart from this, Agricultural Economists also work with the government to collect and analyze agricultural data and statistics to identify trends and make predictions for the agricultural market.

8. Agri-Business Management

After pursuing a degree in this field, you could explore careers in agribusiness firms, agricultural marketing agencies, food processing companies, and retail industries. You could work as an Agribusiness Marketing Coordinator and be responsible for handling the marketing and sales of agro-products. You could also be a Quality Controller to ensure that the quality of the products purchased and produced is according to standards. Business Planning Manager, Business Development Executive, and Agricultural Analyst are also some of the job roles in this field.

9. Agricultural Biotechnology

This field can provide you with career opportunities in pharmaceutical or chemical companies and agro-based manufacturing companies. The main profile could be as a Product Development Scientist, who is engaged in supervising and controlling the activities relating to manufacturing products like seeds, pesticides, insecticides, etc. You can also work in the research and development department of such companies or institutes like IARI and contribute in coming up with new processes for improving existing agro products or developing new and better quality goods.

Available courses in Galgotias University, Greater Noida.

With the advent of technology, Agriculture in India is now largely a blend of traditional knowledge refined over years coupled with precision, computer simulations, and mechanization.  School of Agriculture, Galgotias University was established in the year 2018 to envisage the vision of being recognized globally for developing value-based, economical, environment and sustainable farming systems. The school is recognized as a well-trained center for agricultural education and research in Delhi-NCR. Students are regularly exposed to reputed ICAR institutes, industries, and real farming conditions. In addition to core faculty, a number of associated faculty members from other schools of the University take an active part in teaching the students of the school.

Presently, the School offers 4 year degree programme B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture and 2 year PG degree programmes;  M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy), M.Sc. (Ag) Entomology, and M.Sc. (Ag.) Soil Science.

School USPs 

  • A leading School of Agricultural Sciences in the Delhi-NCR.
  • Highly accomplished faculty from top institutions in India.
  • Students from all parts of India.
  • Well-equipped laboratories and research facilities.
  • Well-developed Polyhouses, Greenhouse, Crop Cafeteria, Vermicomposting, and Biogas plants
  • Vast Instructional, Seed Production, and Research Farm.
  • Students get first-hand knowledge of producing, processing, product development, grading, packaging, and marketing of farm and food products and peri-urban farming skills.
  • MoUs with many industries and leading Government institutions for collaboration in research and training.
  •  On-campus placements in leading industries and progression to higher education institutions in India and abroad.
  • Entrepreneurship development and training of students and youth.