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Examination Cell

Procedure for obtaining Duplicate Degree & Grade Card

  1. The application form may be obtained through website/office of the Controller of Examinations
  2. The application form shall be filled and signed by the student.
  3. The duly filled and signed application form shall be submitted to the Controller of Examinations office along with the original copy of the receipt of the fee (Rs. 1,500/-) Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred for Degree & (Rs. 300/-) Rupees Three Hundred per Grade Card and a copy of FIR in case of theft / lost.
  4. No duplicate Degree / Grade Card will be issued if the form is incomplete of inaccurate.
  5. The duly filled and signed application form along with all documents may be submitted / sent through email or in hard copy in person to the Controller of Examinations office. [].
  6. The duplicate document can be collected by the student only and not anybody authorized by the student.
  7. The minimum time duration of issuing of the duplicate Degree or Grade Card will be one month from the date of submission of application. Application Form For Duplicate Degree & Grade Card