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1.4 Feedback System

1.4.1 Structured Feedback

1.4.1 Structured Feedback

1.4.1 Structured Feedback

Blank questionnaire for feedback






  • Filled in sample Questionnaire (Curriculum related feedback from all stakeholders
School nameDepartmentFilled in sample Questionnaire (Curriculum related feedback from all stakeholders)
School of AgricultureDept of Agriculture   PdfPdf
School of Architecture and DesignDept of ArchitecturePdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of Basic and Applied SciencesDept of Basic SciencesPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
Dept of Bio SciencePdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of BusinessDept of ManagementPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of Computing Science and EngineeringDept of Computer ApplicationsPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
Dept of Computer Science and EngineeringPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of EducationDept of EducationPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of Engineering  Department of Civil EngineeringPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
Department of Mechanical EngineeringPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
Department of Electrical, Electronics & Communication EngineeringPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of Finance and CommerceDept of Finance and CommercePdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of Hospitality and TourismDept of Hospitality and TourismPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of LawDept of LawPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of Liberal EducationDept of HumanitiesPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
Dept of Mass CommunicationPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of Medical & Allied SciencesDept of paramedicalPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
Dept of PharmacyPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf
School of NursingDept of NursingPdfPdfPdfPdfPdf