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Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu

Vice Chancellor

Higher Education is a passionate journey and the pursuit of learning is a never-ending process. In today’s competitive world, a successful learner aspires to become a lifelong student to achieve career milestones. Galgotias University (GU) is a young university that is a destination for many students from all parts of the globe. Galgotias University (GU) has made many significant accomplishments in higher education in India through its innovative approach. As a testimony, GU received the NAAC A+ ranking in its very first cycle in 2022 (valid until 2027), and obtained NBA Accreditation for four undergraduate programs in Engineering, Pharmacy, MBA; and many, many others.

Education that is inclusive, multicultural, participatory, and holistic is a growing need for the current generation. At Galgotias University (GU), Student Centric approach is being followed to empower students to pursue their desired goals and be successful in their lives. Created an eco-system that propels academic reforms that are relevant to meet the needs of current industry trends, and research acumen, encompassing life skills, and human values. GU is a positive university that strives relentlessly for providing high-quality education, innovative learning, research-oriented, and outreach through its holistic pedagogies, teaching-learning processes, and multidisciplinary approach as envisaged by NEP 2020. GU offers programs in a multidisciplinary way focusing on student-centered (flexible), research-oriented (creative), and human-centric (value) environments.

GU orients and guide students and staff on a continual basis to adapt to the latest educational practices essential for the success of students. This tradition primarily entails the identification of what is important for the learners and implementing adequate structuring of learning activities in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. GU focuses on innovative teaching-learning (cognitive) that is always relevant and includes real-life experience such as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The curriculum at GU provides more insights into the application of concepts learned in theory through internships, projects, and other related activities to showcase psychomotor skills. This will strengthen the students’ 21st-century skills like communication, critical thinking, and creative writing abilities. This approach not only empowers the students to face the real world but also makes them become change-makers in the domains of their work.

GU partnered with all the stakeholders and continuously strives to foster a student-centric, research-focused, and value-based engagement in learning and relevant academic thrusts. This culture makes the students able to apply engineering ingenuity, empathy, sustainable development awareness, and unbridled creativity as they solve real-world, open-ended, and complex problems for the betterment of society. Let us remember the pinnacle of our vision: “A higher education experience does not merely provide us useful information; this journey shapes our lives in harmony with our existence and nature.”