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Sponsorship Team

The Galgotias Sponsorship Team works in bringing in sponsorships and endorsements for events being organized by the Galgotias Students Council. Whether it be Galgotias Cultural fest “Unifest” or any other event, the team always works together in constantly bringing in corporate deals who endorse our events through various means. From meeting with different people to making difficult deals work, student members of Galgotias Sponsorship Club are efficient in many ways. They are the backbone of any event being organized on college premises. Be it small or big, any event needs money to get organized successfully, and to simplify the process of bringing in money for such events Galgotias Sponsorship Club takes charge. Members of the club are trained in various skills while their journey continues with the Sponsorship Team. Whether it be communication skills or marketing skills, members are taught all sorts of soft skills, which is also proved beneficial in their future lives. The members also enjoy the indirect benefits of being in touch with the corporate world at this early phase of life. During the times of fests and online/offline events, the club works to convince organizations that could promote us and we in return provide them with a stage and audience where they can promote themselves. Also, the club collaborates with companies and helps them organize events for the campus students be it online or offline. The team consists of about 41 members as of now who are much trained in corporate relations. They have also shown interest in learning more about how to crack an endorsement deal with an organization.