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B.Com. (Hons. with Research) *

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B.Com. (Hons. with Research) *

   Department of Finance and Commerce

Programme Level

Under Graduate


4 Years

About the programme

B.Com (Hons.) is the flagship program of the school. So far, it has successfully produced 700 plus graduates. The Current Syllabus of B.Com (Hons.) is well structured and designed in the latest and comprehensive way and reasonably comparable with the B.Com (Hons) syllabus of any University /Institute of world-class standard in India and abroad.

The program is designed to enable and empower students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to analyze and synthesize the contemporary realities in the domain of business. Further, it aims to instill conceptual and practical understanding to equip students to manage businesses and organizations and prepare them to drive and face tomorrow's challenges. It also encourages the students to explore the world of technology and digitization in the relevant field as envisaged by scholars and policymakers. The students will also be able to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and skills.

*4-year Undergraduate Degree (Honours with Research)

This is to inform all the concerned that as envisaged in NEP2020, the University has introduced a 4-year Undergraduate (UG) Degree (Honours with Research) from the academic year 2022-23

The students who secure 75% marks or a 7.5 CGPAand above, in the first six semesters, and wish to undertake research at the UG level can choose a research stream in the fourth year.

Such students should do a research project or dissertation under the guidance of a faculty member of the University. The research project/dissertation will be in the major discipline. The students who secure 160 credits, including 12 credits from a research project/dissertation, are awarded a 4-year UG Degree (Honours with Research).

S. No. Broad Category of Course Minimum Credit Requirement for a4-Year UG Programme
1 Major (Core) 80
2 Minor Stream 32
3 Multidisciplinary 09
4 Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC) 08
5 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) 09
6 Value Added Courses common for all UG 06-08
7 Summer Internship 02-04
8 Research Project/ Dissertation 12
9 Total 160

4-year UG Degree with Honours

# In the event, students fail to secure 75% marks or a 7.5 CGPA in the first six semesters, they will be awarded a 4-year UG Degree with Honours only. In addition, students not undertaking research will do 3 courses for 12 credits in lieu of a research project / Dissertation.

(Source: - UGC Curriculum & Credit Framework for Undergraduate Programmes)


XII with minimum 50% marks in best four relevant subjects Mathematics/Commerce as a subject in XII level

Fee Structure

4 Years
Tuition Fee (per annum)
Exam Fee (per annum)

Program Structure


Program Structure

Programme Outcomes


Accounting and Financial Knowledge Apply the knowledge of Accounting and Finance to solve real life business issues.


Project Management and Finance Apply knowledge related to the field of finance in project management as an entrepreneur/a team member/a team leader to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.


Analysis and Interpretation Analyze and interpret financial and non-financial information for Business Decision making


Exploring Alternate Solutions Explore alternate solutions for financial issues and develop systems and processes that meet the specified needs of business with appropriate consideration for social, cultural, economic and financial issues.


IT and Statistical Tools Usage Select, and apply appropriate modern management & IT tools, techniques and resources including prediction & modelling to financial activities.


The Managers and Society Apply the contextual knowledge to assess the issues related to society, health, safety, law, and culture pertaining to business management practices.


Sustainability, Growth and Development Apprehend and visualize the impact of financial decisions in societal and environmental context and demonstrate the knowledge of sustainable growth and development.


Ethics and Professional Integrity Imbibe professional ethics related to financial management practices.


Effective Communication Communicate effectively with business community and with society at large.


Entrepreneurship Explore business problems from an entrepreneurial perspective

Programme Educational Objectives


Graduates shall exhibit a deeper understanding of the Commerce Discipline and prevailing Indian Accounting Standards and Cost Concepts


Graduates shall be equipped to pursue further higher studies in professional and academic programs in commerce and Finance.


Graduates shall drive entrepreneurship initiatives on their own or within the organization in which they are employed.


Graduates shall demonstrate research knowledge in diverse area of business and financial market problem

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Identify, formulate, and analyze commercial and financial issues reaching validated conclusions based on globally available data and through specialized accounting software


Demonstrate and appreciate the role of the accounting function in society and business

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XII with minimum 50% marks in best four relevant subjects Mathematics/Commerce as a subject in XII level