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MBA Financial Management

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MBA Financial Management

   Department of Management

Programme Level

Post Graduate


2 Years

About the programme

The MBA (Financial Management) programme is a Two- Year full time post graduate professional programme in finance spread over four semesters leading to Master Degree in Finance designated as MBA (Financial Management). The MBA (Financial Management) programme at the School of Finance and Commerce has been designed to cater to the growing needs of corporate, banks, capital market, insurance, real estate, Multinationals, Government and Semi-Government organizations for qualified finance professionals. It is estimated that more than twenty lakhs jobs are likely to be created in next five to ten years in banking and financial sectors of Indian economy. The programme seeks to equip the participants with conceptual and analytical skills for financial decision making. The students are provided with necessary inputs in the basic areas of Managerial decision making such as Organizational Behavior, Managerial Economics, Quantitative techniques, Financial Accounting , Corporate Tax and Laws , and Information Technology, etc. and specialized knowledge and skills in various areas of Finance such as Corporate Finance, Capital Market, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Equity Research, Financial Services, International Finance and Accounting , Financial Derivatives and Risk Management, Project Appraisal, etc.


3 Yr. Bachelor Degree with Minimum 50% aggregate marks

Fee Structure

2 Years
Tuition Fee (per annum)
Exam Fee (per annum)

Program Structure


Program Structure

Programme Outcomes


Apply conceptual financial knowledge to solve practical decision-making problems, both individually and as part of teams using techniques such as case analysis, projects and assignments.


Develop a systematic understanding of finance and its impact on people, businesses and the economy.


Apply current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for financial practice.


Identify and analyze a problem, and use the appropriate financial skills for obtaining its solution.


Demonstrate a critical awareness of market influences, increasing regulation, power of technology and social responsibility on function of finance.


Demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues (e.g., diversity, sustainability, innovation, knowledge management, etc.) in finance


Apply knowledge of information technology effectively by scanning, organizing, synthesizing and analyzing financial data in order to abstract meaning from information


Function effectively on multi-disciplinary teams (Team work).


Communicate effectively, both in writing and orally (Speaking / Writing skills).


Recognize and address financial ethical issues and values and apply them in organizational settings. (Professional integrity)

Programme Educational Objectives


The Graduates will establish themselves as effective finance professionals by solving real problems through use of knowledge and techniques in the critical areas of finance.


The Graduates will exhibit the necessary skills for immediate employment as well as for life-long learning and research in advanced areas of finance and business.


The Graduates will demonstrate ethical financial governance practices for the sustainability of business enterprise, and ascertain the impact of these decisions on all stakeholders.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Identify, formulate, and analyze commercial and financial issues reaching validated conclusions based on globally available data and through specialized financial software


Comprehend the need, significance and methodology of Financial decision making aimed at an ultimate objective of Shareholder wealth maximization