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M.A. (Politics and International Relations)

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M.A. (Politics and International Relations)

   Department of Humanities

Programme Level

Post Graduate


2 Years

About the Programme

The MA programme in Politics and International Relations is designed for students who are working or intend to work in the area of international relations, diplomacy, international development, and global peace studies. The programme offers specialised instruction and experience learning in International Relations to prepare you to apply ideas and practises to real-world global problems. Studies in politics and international relations complement other humanities and social science fields and are an essential component of an education for life and work in the modern world. The MA degree has been designed to acquaint students with the vast range of theoretical and empirical issues that Political Science and International Relations address. It looks at the principles that modern societies are built upon and assesses the various institutions, processes, and social and political forces at play in the world right now by looking at a number of different nations and situations. We cordially invite you to participate in this stimulating discussion with us.


3 Yr. Bachelor Degree with minimum 50% marks in aggregate

Fee Structure

2 Years
Tuition Fee (per annum)
Exam Fee (per annum)

Program Structure


Program Structure

Programme Outcomes


Develop the ability to analyze the complex aspects of international relations, and a knowledge of qualitative research methodologies


Develop in-depth understanding and critical analysis of international politics and world affairs. Become familiar with the latest research in the discipline alongside updated knowledge of world events as they unfold.


Demonstrate competence in communication and writing skills on key international relations theories, concepts, findings from qualitative and quantitative investigation.


Find careers in a variety of sectors, including the government and security services, think tanks, print and electronic media, non-governmental organizations, academia and multi-national corporations.


Develop the ability to think creatively and critically and contribute towards the betterment of humankind.


Connect theoretical constructs to pragmatic issues of the world politics


Engage in theoretical discourses in the field of international politics


Enable to gauge the links between human nature and world politics


Foster intellectual and positive analysis among students by engaging them in multiple discourse of world politics


Ability to assess the recent development of world politics in the age of artificial intelligence

Programme Educational Objectives


Post-Graduates will be able to analyze and optimize key concepts, issues and theories of international relations in the field of Research.


Post-Graduates will develop the ability to work efficiently as leader/team member within the government and security services, think tanks, print and electronic media, non-governmental organizations, academia and multi-national corporations.


Post-Graduate students will develop a critical, analytical mind and problem-solving approach in the field of international politics to solve the pertaining problems of world affairs.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Will provide the student with an in depth and nuanced understanding of key concepts, issues and theories in international relations and role of various actors and stakeholders in global politics.


Students will be able to analyse the key drivers and determinants of states’ foreign policy and understand how international diplomacy is conducted.


Students will become familiar with various sources of knowledge on international relations.