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M.A. in Psychology

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M.A. in Psychology

   Department of Humanities

Programme Level

Post Graduate


2 years

About the Programme

The desire to comprehend the complexities of human conduct has always been at the forefront of knowledge seekers, and psychology, as the science of human behaviour, fills this void admirably. Understanding human behaviour has become more complex as well as interesting in the modern day, due to a variety of reasons such as industrial, digital, social, and other forces. In this context, prevention and correction of abnormal behavioral tendencies demand specific attention. The programme will be a natural progression for graduates of psychology and applied psychology, as well as graduates of other scientific, physical, and social sciences. The course will give foundational knowledge of both pure and applied psychology, with a focus on clinical and organizational psychology. It put an emphasis on understanding and applying psychology through experiential learning and hands-on activities, apart from classroom learning. The objective is to help the Applied Psychology student strengthen domain knowledge and to hone applied skills that are needed in the real-world workplace.

The course provides practical exposure in terms of research and field practice and the weightage is more than 21%.


Bachelor Degree with minimum 50% marks or equivalent.

Students having CUET Score will be given preference in merit

Fee Structure

2 years
Tuition Fee (per annum)
Exam Fee (per annum)

Program Structure

Applied Cognitive Psychology
Advanced Research Methods
Community Psychology
Advanced Social Psychology
Clinical & Health Psychology
Community Psychology
Advanced Counseling Psychology
Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
Psychology of Gender and Social Issues
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Developmental Psychology
Communication and Personal Development
Qualitative Approaches to Psychological Understanding
Multivariate techniques
Post-Graduate Thesis

Program Structure

Programme Outcomes


To understand the challenges of individual and group life by studying psychological theories.


Build capacity and explore the wide array of dimension of human behavior and experiences.


Enable student for resolution of Interpersonal conflict with respect to gender and cultural issues.


Use methodologies that celebrate richness and multidimensionality of human behavior.


Enhance the understanding and application of qualitative/ quantitative measures and interpret the data meaningfully.


Empower the students in handling issues and problems of self and others through counseling skills.


Create and emphasize the understanding of developmental, social, clinical and organizational fields and be able to solve issues relevant for theses contexts.


Enhance students critical thinking with respect to cultural diversity.


Apprise with methodological intricacies in research and application and substantiate their ability to propose projects in these areas.


Develop leadership skills and open minded approach toward life and career

Programme Educational Objectives


The student will be able to complete a successful higher education, be an effective member of civil society


The student will be effectively and meaningfully engaged in helping the mankind by counseling guidance and develop quality projects in different areas of psychology in India and abroad.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


enable the student for active engagement in intellectual discourses and relate to practices of the practitioners in the field/s


sensitizes and develop pragmatic approach to changing context and situations for both understanding theories and their practices throughout their life.

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Bachelor Degree with minimum 50% marks or equivalent.

Students having CUET Score will be given preference in merit