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M.A. in Economics

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M.A. in Economics

   Department of Humanities

Programme Level

Post Graduate


2 years

About the programme

The MA in Economics is a terminal master’s program that equips its graduates with the advanced knowledge and quantitative skills required for an economic analyst in the business world, the consulting industry, a central bank or government. The training provides a thorough understanding of fundamental economic principles, application of mathematical methods and modeling, and the use of computer software for large-scale data analysis. It is accomplished through the economics core and elective courses.

The course will give foundational knowledge of both pure and applied economics, with a focus on qualitative and quantitative economics. It put an emphasis on understanding and applying economics through experiential learning and hands-on activities, apart from classroom learning. The objective is to help the economics student strengthen domain knowledge and to hone applied skills that are needed in the real-world workplace.

The course provides practical exposure in terms of research and field practice and the weightage is more than 22%.


3 Yr. Bachelor Degree with minimum 50% marks in aggregate

Fee Structure

2 years
Tuition Fee (per annum)
Exam Fee (per annum)

Core Modules & Scheme

Core Module

Programme Outcomes


Develop analytical mind for the learning of theoretical and empirical bases of economics as a field of study


Extending the empirical and philosophical issues to economic thoughts and practices


Develop critical thinking and analysis of significant economic issues


Creating a bridge between theoretical constructs and practices


Facilitate the pragmatic between school of thoughts and their impact on policies


Using quantitative analysis and make a preview of their impact on economic policies


Enhancing quality of life of people and their welfare


Train the minds for futuristic research and development


Develop a holistic world view for economic planning and integration


Ability to relate recent economic development in the reforming and post-truth era

Programme Educational Objectives


Graduates will be equipped to pursue higher education, Teaching, Research and competitive examinations like Indian Economic Services and Civil Services etc.


Post graduates will drive entrepreneurship initiatives and start-ups in the fields related to Economics and Finance.


Graduates will be able to serve Public, Private and NGOs to achieve personal enrichment and professional goals.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Instigate, Formulate, Estimate and Implement Economic issues with the help of Quantitative Economic analysis through SPSS etc.


Identify, Comprehend, and Analyse the issues related to International Trade and Finance and related intermediaries like institutions and market etc.


Investigate, Apprehend and visualise the impact of Economic and Natural Activities on Environment, Climate Change and Economic Sustainability.


Understand, Scrutinize and Address Developmental Issues in Economics related to Health, Education, Human Development, Gender, and Integration among Economies.

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3 Yr. Bachelor Degree with minimum 50% marks in aggregate