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M.Com (2 Years)

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Programme Level

Post Graduate


2 Years

About the programme

The M.Com programme is a two year full time post graduate academic cum professional programme in commerce spread over four semesters leading to Master degree in Commerce designated as Master of Commerce (M.Com). The programme focuses on analytical skills, rigorous academic training , research ,pedagogical approach, skills and development in the field of various areas of business and industry besides being the advancement and extension of knowledge imparted at undergraduate level in commerce and allied disciplines. It intends to establish linkages between industry and academia with the right infusion of theory and practice enabling students to nurture their talent to become a good teacher, researcher and business leader and an asset for the academic and research institutions and the industry.


3 Yr. Bachelor Degree in Commerce minimum 50% marks.

Fee Structure

2 Years
Tuition Fee (per annum)
Exam Fee (per annum)

Program Structure


Program Structure

Programme Outcomes


Accounting and Financial Knowledge: The students will be ready for employment in functional areas like Accounting, Taxation, Banking, Insurance and Corporate Law.


Teaching and Research: Students will be able to pursue their career in teaching and research.


Project Management and Finance: Develop entrepreneurial ability to apply the knowledge of finance in project management to manage projects in multi – disciplinary environments.


Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, and analyze commerce and financial issues reaching validated conclusions based on data.


Exploring Alternate Solutions: Explore alternate solutions for financial issues and develop systems and processes that meet the specified needs of business with appropriate consideration for social, cultural, economic and financial issues


IT and Statistical Tools Usage: Students will be able to handle computer-based software in areas of Accounting, Taxation, and Banking


The Managers and Society: Students will be able to handle computer-based software in areas of Accounting, Taxation, and Banking


Sustainability, Growth and Development: Apprehend and visualize the impact of financial decisions in societal and environmental context and demonstrate the knowledge of sustainable growth and development


Ethics and Professional Integrity: Imbibe and commit to professional ethics of financial management practices


Leadership and Team Building: Function effectively as an individual/a member/a leader in diverse business settings

Programme Educational Objectives


The graduates shall exhibit competencies for pursuing higher academic, professional and research qualifications.


The Graduates shall demonstrate specialized knowledge of diverse areas of business primarily accounting, finance and taxation and apply the same in real life scenarios.


The Graduates shall use modern technology and contemporary tools and techniques of accounting and finance to enable them to become competent academicians and corporate professionals.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Analyze, discern and ascertain the impact of financial and accounting information on Business decision making


Discern the role of the accounting, costing and auditing function and apply the knowledge gained therein in financial reporting and compliances