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Prof. (Dr.) Renu Luthra

Advisor to Chancellor

On behalf of Galgotias University, I welcome your decision to consider your higher education with us. I am confident that the skills that you will acquire by way of action learning at Galgotias University will not only help you develop your abilities and realize your true potential but also to reach your goal. Being in action is one of the most effective ways to engage in continuous learning and taking action on what you learn.

At Galgotias University we provide the platform for young minds to flourish and accomplish great things. We play a crucial role in shaping students into well-rounded individuals.

Galgotias University recognizes the immense potential, talent, and energy that its students possess and is committed to channelizing these qualities towards creative, productive, and socially relevant endeavours. Students are provided with timely support in their professional, and personal affairs, ensuring their overall well-being.

The leaders at Galgotias University have laid a foundation for accountable, responsible, and transparent governance. They have implemented a decentralized, participative committee-centred administration, which adapts to the changing needs of the health and educational system in the country.

Galgotias University has gone far and beyond their initial focus on health sciences and education. The university places great importance on nurturing and recruiting faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields. By bringing in accomplished faculty, the university ensures that students receive the best education and guidance, keeping them updated with the latest developments in their disciplines.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate Galgotias University for empowering the Youth of India.

I wish Galgotias University a grand success.