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Prof. (Dr.) Renu Luthra

Advisor to Chancellor

The higher education sector in India has experienced unprecedented expansion in the recent decade. We at Galgotias University have made it our mission to ensure that the benefit of this expansion reaches the students from all social stratas of society. Towards this objective the value based quality education imparted at the university is affordable, inclusive and accessible and attempts to reduce the regional socio-economic inequalities.

To increase accessibility we have incorporated digital technologies which makes for an exciting learning experience for the tech savvy generation. Our digital learning platform and interactive multimedia enables us to implement interactive learning features such as quizzes, simulations , flipped classrooms all of which lead to better learning outcomes.

Apart from giving professional qualifications to students we encourage creativity and independent thought which enable the holistic development of the student’s personality.

he university has a long history of achievements and we have also been given the A+ accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and five of our programs namely B.Tech Computer Science, B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacy and MBA are NBA accredited .

A large number of conferences, seminars and guest lectures ensure relevant practical exposure from business leaders, government bodies, environmental authorities and social bodies.

It is also a great pleasure to welcome our international students to the university.You have taken a bold step and a giant leap of faith by leaving your familiar surroundings and coming to a foreign land. We are committed to work with you to enable you to achieve your best. You bring a global perspective and its accompanying cultural enrichment contributes to making our campus vibrant, diverse and wonderful. You will thrive at Galgotias University and triumph in the future, for which we shall always be proud.

I welcome you to Galgotias University and assure you that we will help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations and make you worthy and proud citizens of India and the nations that the international students belong to.

Thank you