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Prof. (Dr.) Meenakshi Sharma


Galgotias University has been envisioned to emerge as a globally recognized university with a mission to create academic environment conducive for Research, Consultancy and Innovation-based projects. The Research and Development Cell is devoted towards coordinating research & consultancy activities in collaboration with industries. Research and Development Cell provides research facilities with a vision to cultivate a culture of excellence in all Schools/Departments of the University. The mission of the Research and Development Cell is to contribute to Research and Innovation practices in the University and provide practical solutions to improve research-based problems. It develops, tests, and disseminates new approaches to improve the Research and Innovation outcomes. Some of the key functions of Research and Development Cell are development and Revision of Research Policy, Research Ethical Policy, Research Mandate, Research Guidelines and Innovation Policy. The Research and Development Cell is also regulating the Consultancy Projects, Seed Grant Projects aiming to encourage the faculties to apply for the same. Research at Galgotias University is nurtured through various academic programmes run by the departments and through sponsored programmes funded by National Organizations and the Industries. GU offers a plethora of opportunities for research funding in vibrant multidisciplinary environment. The R&D Cell facilitates and coordinates in a variety of research programmes, initiatives and activities that are available Nationally and Internationally. Academic Research Programs (ARP) at Galgotias University relate to Research work undertaken by individual faculty or specific research groups in the departments running Masters or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) programs. GU researchers are working at thrust areas like advanced materials, biomedical engineering, clean energy and environment, computational biology, intelligent systems, micro- nanotechnology, wireless and broadband communication to name a few. For theoretical as well as experimental research, the resources are available in different laboratories of the University. GU offers a vibrant interdisciplinary research environment to both students and staff, which includes research collaborations with leading universities and renowned institutes across the world. Galgotias University students are immersed in the best of learning environments, with all academic courses grounded in a strong research culture where innovation and critical enquiry are key features.