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Mr. P. Vivek

Assistant Professor

Assisant Professor with Master's in Aeronautics and aviation industry experience looking for a challenging role at a reputed educational institution. 


RR Institutions | Bangalore 

Assistant Professor | 10/2021 - Present 

Handling multi-disciplinary subjects like Aviation Law, Airtransport security, Airline marketing and air traffic control. Encouraging students by conducting intra-department events, seminars and workshops 

Actively participating in college administrative duties such as accreditation` and local inspection committee's Performing continous evaluation of students by conducting assignments, quizzes and seminars Providing notes and study materials for students based on the syllabus 

INTEGRASS Technical Serivces Pvt. Ltd | Trichy 

Junior Associate- Project Management | 07/2021 - 10/2021 

To provide administrative coordination support to assigned projects and maintain project pending lists and meeting agendas. 

To perform clerical duties, maintain contact with clients and parties involves through email and phone calls, answer questions and concerns, prepare presentations, and enter project data 

AISATS | New Delhi 

Turnaround Coordinator | 04/2019 - 07/2019 

Remain at the aircraft during the entire ground time and coordinates all processes during the course of aircraft handling Responsible to keep track of the number of passengers, pieces of luggage and the amount of fuel Work very closely with ramp personnel and the airport station manager or deputy 


MS Office, HTML, Python 



M.TECH Aeronautical Engineering | 05/2015 

Succesfully completed my Master's with CGPA of 8.91 

Detal of Master's Project 

Impact of dynamic impact loading on Finite element model of Human Head 

This Master's project involved the study of dynamic impact loading on FE head model. 

Project was shortlisted to receive funding from DRDO 

The project was initiated by DRDO to come with better head protective solutions for the aviations pilots. The project bega with a literature survey on all the previous study conducted and identify the best way to develop a head model. 

Due to the time constraints, a crude model of human head was developed using CATIA v5 instead of the conventional ay of using MRI scans. 

Later HYPRMESH was used to create a finite element model on the model and LS DYNA as used to simulate the impact of loading from three different directions 

Finally the results were processed and helped to uderstand by hou much the brain undergoes a shift in it's position due to impact loading. 

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Deemed University) | Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 

B.TECH Aerospace Engineering | 07/2013 

Successfuly completed bachelor's degree with CGPA of 6.3 

Final year project was Trim and Stability Analysis of Helicopter Blades 

The project was focused on developing mathematical model to solve the non-linear equations of motion of elicopter blade Contributions include uage of Mathematica software to develop non-linear equations of helicopter blade motion 

To prepare a matrix using the above equations which was solved using MATLAB to study the effect of the change in trim and stability of the helicopter blades for varying airspeeds. 


IATA DGR Training category 8 operator, Professional course in Ground Handling Operations, Aerospace Technical Publication Course, Master CAD in mechanical engineering 

Details of Events and Workshops conducted 

Evolution of airport and aircraft operations 

On account of International Civil Aviation Day, the theme for the workshop was chosen as evolution of airport and airline industry. 

In this event students had come up with models on the past, present and future of airports and the aircraft industry. Students came up with various creative models with explanations on its evolution. 

Workshop on airport operations 

This workshop was conducted with an aim to make students understand the importance of landside and airside operations. 

A play was envisioned by the aviation department students involving different scenarios of passengers inside an airport. 

Various departments of a terminal from check-in counter to passenger screening to boarding was enacted by using audio and visual techniques 

This helped students from different backgrounds to understand the airport industry. 

Workshop on digital and social media marketing 

Social media has become the most influential and important virtual space where the platform is not only used for social networking but is also a great way of digitally advertising your brand and your products. 

In this workshop students were exposed to industry leaders of digital marketing. The guests of honor were sharing their work experience as content creators and how it has improved their life. 

This greatly inspired the students to look at the alternate career oppurutnities and prepare them for the real world.