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Mr. Lavepreet Singh

Assistant Professor

Mr. Lavepreet Singh is currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering. He has total experience of more than 7 years of teaching Rapid Manufacturing Technologies, Tool Design, Operations Research, CAD/CAM, CIMS, Welding Technology, Modern Manufacturing Processes, Production Planning & Control, Engineering Graphics & Digital Fabrication, Production planning and operations management and has been associated with Galgotias University since 2017. He has supervised more than 10 B. Tech projects and 2 M. Tech dissertations. He Exhibits an honest work ethic with the ability to excel in fast-paced, time-sensitive environment. Being a passionate teacher, He believes that teaching is not merely restricted to making the students understand the underlying concepts of a course but also to develop critical thinking and evaluate alternate approaches for problem solving. He always put her efforts towards the overall developments of his students. He has presented Research papers in various National and International conferences & more than 12 Papers Published in various National, international & On -Line Journals


  • 8+ years of teaching experience

  • 1 year of industry experience


  • M.Tech (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)

  • B. Tech (Punjabi University Patiala)

Award & Recognition

  • Received appreciate letter from Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and AICTE for working as Evaluator in Smart India Hackathon,2022. 

  • Core Organizing Team Member, International Conference on Ship and Offshore Technology (ICSOT) – 2013, conducted jointly by IIT Kharagpur and Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA), UK.

  • Received MHRD Scholarship for M.Tech Programme at IIT Kharagpur.


  • Podder D, Gadagi A, Ranjan Mandal N, Kumar S, Singh L, Das S. Numerical investigation on the effect of thermo-mechanical tensioning on the residual stresses in thin stiffened panels. Journal of Ship Production and Design. 2017 Feb 1;33(01):1-1.  

  • Singh L, Kumar S, Raj S, Badhani P. Aluminium metal matrix composites: manufacturing and applications. InIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2021 May 1 (Vol. 1149, No. 1, p. 012025). IOP Publishing.

  • Vidya S, Wattal R, Singh L, Mathiyalagan P. CO 2 Laser Micromachining of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA): A Review. Advances in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering. 2021:939-45.

  • Singh L, Kumar S, Raj S, Badhani P. Development and characterization of aluminium silicon carbide composite materials with improved properties. Materials Today: Proceedings. 2021 Jan 1;46:6733-6.

  • Singh L, Bhardwaj Y, Kumarr R. Estimation of Flyer Velocity for Titan 12 (Grade 1) Plates by Pin Contact Velocity Measurement Method. InAdvances in Manufacturing Technology and Management 2023 (pp. 441-451). Springer, Singapore.

  • Dwivedi A, Singh A, Narwat K, Singh L. Smart helmet based on IOTs. InAIP Conference Proceedings 2022 Jun 23 (Vol. 2413, No. 1, p. 020007). AIP Publishing LLC.

  • Kant K, Gupta P, Vidya S, Singh L, Shanu A. A Review on Research Aspects and Trends in Ultrasonic Machining. Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Technology. 2022:107-14.

  • Shukla MK, Singh L, Vidya S, Quasim H, Bhandari R. Pollination System for Greenhouse Flowering Plants Using Nano Drones. InAdvances in Mechanical Engineering and Technology 2022 (pp. 157-162). Springer, Singapore.

  • Kumar R, Singh L, Bhardwaj Y, Singh M, Kumar R. Green Power Generation from Road Traffic Using Speed Breaker. InAdvances in Mechanical Engineering and Technology 2022 (pp. 209-218). Springer, Singapore.

  • Shukla MK, Singh L, Shanu A. Ranking of Service Quality Attributes in Order of Importance to Choice Rider’s in Urban Bus transport—A Case for Kolkata. InAdvances in Interdisciplinary Engineering 2021 (pp. 601-608). Springer, Singapore.

  • Shukla MK, Shanu A, Singh L. Service Quality Dimensions in Designing Business Strategies in Urban Bus Transport—A Case for Kolkata. InAdvances in Interdisciplinary Engineering 2021 (pp. 383-390). Springer, Singapore.


  • Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA) from Dassault Systemes Solidworks Corporation.

  • Certified in Six Sigma Yellow Belt from MSME Technology Development Centre, Agra.

  • STARTUP INDIA Ambassador Training organized by Ministry of Education

  • NPTEL certification on Teaching & Learning in Engineering, Accreditation and Outcome based Learning, Course design and instruction of engineering and other core courses 

  • FDP on Use of ICT tools in Teaching Learning

  • FDP on Additive Manufacturing, PYTHON programming etc.

Area of Interest

  • Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing 

  • Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping

  • Production planning and control 

Additive manufacturing Technologies