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Dr. Varsha Gautam


Dr. Varsha Gautam is currently working as Professor in Division of Mathematics, School of Basic Sciences. She has more than 21 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and has been associated with Galgotias University since 2017. She has taught students attending B.Tech, B.Sc , M.Sc, M.Tech, MCA and MBA classes. Besides regular teaching, she has also been a part of several committees. With her regular teaching role, she has constantly provided pastoral care to her students, guiding them on their possible career paths and helping them deal with a variety of problems. She is completely at ease teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate modules of both a research -led and a methodological nature. She is also supervising Ph.D students. She always puts her efforts towards the overall developments of her students.


  • 21 years of teaching experience


  • PhD (Mathematics) C.C.S. University, Meerut 2012
  • MSc. (Applied Mathematics) IIT, Roorkee C.G.P.A. 9.01 / 10 2001
  • NET qualified NET LS 2002
  • NET qualified NET JRF 2001


Her area of interest and research is graph theory. Also, she is focusing on optimization, data science and other related areas. She wishes to work in interdisciplinary areas as a team work. Currently she is mentoring students at UG,PG and Ph.D. levels.

Published work

  • “A Graph Theoretical Approach to Transportation Problems in “ Acta Ciencia Indica (2007)
  • “Reliability Optimization Under Multiple Objectives in The Mathematics Education(2011)
  • "Optimization of networks using graph theory"  in RdE-Journal of Mathematical Sciences(2009)
  • Equality Partial Graph: An Approach To Optimize Transport Network presented in International Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics and its Applications (ICRTMA09)(2009).
  • “Protracted Network: Quality of service” in “ International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Nano Technology (2015)”.
  • Visualsing randomness in Social Network using Random graph” in “ International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research(2020).
  • Human Resilience- a study of pandemics in International Journal of Medical Sciences and Current Research(2021).
  • Patent filed “An Efficient In-Loop Deblocking Filtering for High Efficiency Video Coding (Hevc)”.
  • The impact of the recession on the liquidity and activity ratios of top power transmission company: case of power grid corporation of India Ltd.” in International Journal of System Assurance Engineeringand Management (2021).
  • Patent filed “System and method for developing snake game”(2022).
  • Study of Various Network Topologies Using Graph Theory” in international journal for research in applied science and engineering technology (2022).

Project proposal

  • Submitted project proposal as CO PI “Deformation study due to some external/internal disturbance in unbounded complex elastic material with the help of finite element/finite-infinite element/spectral element technique” to Council of Science & Technology U.P. in April 2023.

Review work

  • Reviewed UGC research proposal bearing no.: UGCES-22-OB-TAM-F-NRF-14913 for research scheme - Dr. D. S. Kothari Research Grant for Newly Recruited Faculty Members “Design and Development of Smart Ambient Assisted Living System for Elderly and Illness People” in 2023.
  • Reviewed UGC research proposal bearing no.: -UGCES-22-SC-KAR-M-PDF-11364 for research scheme – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Post-Doctoral Fellowship UPDF ” Aerial surveillance and video archival system” in 2023.
  • Reviewed articles for Wireless Personal Communications.
  • Reviewed articles for International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management

Professional Memberships

  • AIENG (International Association of Engineers)


  • Merit holder in class 12 examination.
  • Dissertations at IIT:
  • Study of discrete model in ecological system.
  • Simulating scheduling jobs using Priority Queue.
  • Attended a short term course in IIT Roorkee on "Recent Advances in Optimization Techniques and their Applications", (2009).
  • Attended a workshop in IIT Delhi on Autograph”, (2014).
  • Attended a workshop of IUCEE (Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education) (2015).
  • Guiding to M.Sc Mathematics students.
  • Completed “Introduction to Python” from Data Camp(2020).
  • Completed “Intermediate Python” from Data Camp(2020).
  • Completed “Introduction to R” from Data Camp(2020).
  • Participated in International Virtual summit under “Technology and Computational Advancement and Challenges”,(2020).
  • Attended a workshop on Python in Galgotias University,Greater Noida(2020).
  • Delivered a lecture on “Basic Concepts and Applications of Probability & Expectation” as a invited talk in Amity University, Noida(18 March 2021).
  • Delivered a lecture on “POSETS” as a invited talk in Amity University, Noida(18 February 2022).

Area of Interest

  • Graph theory.
  • Optimization
  • Data Sciences

Other Achievements

  • Worked as a Course Coordinator.
  • Worked in GU Task force.
  • Worked as Program Chair for M.Sc Mathematics
  • Worked as Division Chair for “Department of Technology and Statistics” department.
  • Coordinator of NAAC Criteria 1 from division of Mathematics
  • Worked as Division Chair of Division of Mathematics
  • Currently working as NAAC Criteria 1 coordinator for division of Mathematics.
  • Currently working as NAAC Criteria 1 Deputy coordinator for School of Basic Sciences.
  • Member of “Board of Examiners” for school of Basic Sciences.
  • Organized industrial visit to NCMRWF, Noida in 2022 for students of division of Mathematics
  • Organized academic visit to IIT Delhi in 2022 for M.Sc Mathematics students
  • Organized “Workshop on computational and graphical toolsin March 2023 for SBAS students.
  • Supervised and supervising to B.Sc (H) Mathematics students(B.Sc project).
  • Supervised to M.Sc Mathematics students(M.Sc project).
  • Supervising to 2 research scholars (Ph.D students).