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Dr. Tareef Husain

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tareef Husain is currently working as Assistant Professor (Economics) in School of Liberal Education. He holds Doctor and Master of Philosophy in Economics from Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. His post graduate and undergraduate are from Aligarh Muslim University. He loves to enhance the economic and general critical understanding of students through teaching and research oriented activities. He always put his efforts towards the overall developments of his students. He has participated in many conferences, seminars and workshops. 


  • Ph.D. (Economics) Thesis Title: Export Concerns of Indian Small and Medium Enterprises: A Regional Assessment
  • M.Phil. (Economics) Dissertation Title: Growth of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: A Regional Analysis

Award & Recognition

  • UGC-NET December-2013, 2015 and 2016
  • Central University of Gujarat Fellowship for M.Phil. in Economics (2012-14)
  • Central University of Gujarat Fellowship for Ph.D. in Economics (2014-18)


Consultancy Project

A full time project was undertaken on ‘Lock Cluster of Aligarh: Unravelling the Major Impediments’. This was a part of major project namely, ‘Manufacturing Matters: A Research Proposal for Employment Oriented-industrialisation’ at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai, funded by the Ford Foundation, India

Research Articles

  • Rising Unemployment in India (with Akshay Kumar), Journal of Education, 15 (1) (2022), Publisher: Rabindra Bharati University; ISSN: 0972-7175. 

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  • India’s Trade Relation with Its Neighbours (with Mansi Agnihotri), Journal of the Oriental Institute, 71 (2) (2022), Publisher: MS University Baroda; ISSN: 0030-5324. 

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  • India EU Relations: Stranded on High Seas (with Subodh and Archana Aggarwal), Indian Journal of Economics and Business (2021), ISSN No: 0972-5784. 

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  • Empirical Drivers of SME Formation in Indian States (with Jaya Prakash Pradhan), Orissa Economic Journal, 53(1), pp. 85-124 (2021), Publisher: Orissa Economic Association; ISSN: 0976-5409. 

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  • Evolution and Pattern of Indian Outward FDI in ASEAN Region (with Jaya Prakash Pradhan and Ravinder), Focus: Journal of International Business, 7(2), pp. 135-160, (2020), Publisher: Journal Press India; ISSN: 2347-4459. 

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  • Small and Medium Enterprises Export by Indian Regions: Uncovering the Role of Spatial Factors, Review of Market Integration, 11(1-2), pp. 7-29,(2019),Publisher: Sage Journals. 

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  • Trade Orientation of Industries and Employment Performance in Indian Manufacturing: Recent Trends, Patterns and Implications (With Kishor Jadhav), Focus: Journal of International Business, 3(1), pp. 1-25, (2018), Publisher: Journal Press India; ISSN: 2347-4459.

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  • Regional Evolution of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Pre and Post-TRIPS Assessment, Journal of Economic Policy and Research, 10(2), pp. 166-188, (2017), Publisher: Institute of Public Enterprises; ISSN: 0975-8577.

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  • Regional Pattern and Determinants of Knowledge-based Industry: Evidence from Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, PRAGATI: Journal of Indian Economy, 2(1), pp. 40-57, (2016), Publisher: Journal Press India; ISSN: 2347-4432.

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  • Learning Region and Performance of Pharmaceutical Industry: Evidence from Two Indian States, Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies, 6(2), pp. 45-64,(2015), Publisher: Chitkara University;ISSN: 0976-545X.

(Indexing: ICI)

Book Chapter

  • Aligarh Lock Cluster: Unravelling the Major Impediments in R. Nagraj (Ed), “Industrialisation for Employment and Growth in India”, Cambridge University Press (2021). 

(Indexing: SCOPUS)

News Paper Articles

    • Reverse Migration Could Hurt Urban Economy, The Hindu Business Line (2022) (with Puneet Kumar Shrivastava). 
  • SMEs Export and Indian States, The Critical Mirror (2017).

Area of Interest

  • Sectoral Analysis
  • Regional Economics
  • Internationalisation of SMEs
  • Labour Economics