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Dr. Tanya Gujral (PT)

Assistant Professor

She is Physiotherapy Professional graduated from Jamia Hamdard. Currently she is Assistant Professor in Galgotias University. During her carrier growth she served in Noida International University as an Assistant Professor. She has done Masters of Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic conditions). She has Published more than 10 articles in reputable Journal. She is East Delhi IAPWC Sub coordinator. She is Reviewer and Editor of many national and International journals. She is Life time Member of DCPTOT.


She is having total 3 years of experience of being an academician.


  • MPT- Musculoskeletal in the year 2020
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy in the year 2018
  • DNHE from IGNOU in 2021

Awards and Recognitions

  • 1st Rank in MPT Entrance in IP university, Jamia Hamdard and 3rdRANK in AJIPT.
  • Received 2nd Position in poster presentation in International Conference organized by Manav Rachna International institute of research & studies from 5-7th June 2021.
  • Rank holder 2nd Position in Master of Physiotherapy.
  • Conducted webinar as a Speaker for Robin Hood Army on Tele Physiotherapy during COVID19 and as a moderator for NIU & IAPWC.
  • Conducted Conference as an Organizing Secretary in 1st conference of Galgotias University in association with IAPWC Delhi on Theme “Developments and ss Obstacles in Recent Decades in the Field of Physiotherapy” on 22nd-23rd October 2021.
  • Received research award in Galgotias University for Publication in Q2 indexed Scopus journal.
  • Speaker in Pulsus Conference held on 4-5th July 2022 at Amsterdam, Netherland on the topic” Effect of moderate intensity resistance training with blood flow restriction on muscle strength and muscle girth in young adults.
  • Selected to be East Delhi IAPWC Sub coordinator.


  • Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ)
  • Received Certificate of Reviewing for Elsevier Journal JBMT


  • Editorial Board Member of AS Orthopedics journal from Acta Scientific Open International Library
  • Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Chinese Medicine (IJCM)
  • Chairperson for the scientific session GAPTCON 21 on 18th Dec 2021


  • Bands Balls and Balance- Dr. Deepak Malhotra (PT), credit hours-8
  • Manipulation Technique of Thoracic Spine and Lumbar Spine- Dr. SohrabSharma (PT)credit hours- 1


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  6. Tanya Gujral, The impact of core training on cardiorespiratory endurance among smokers- An experimental study, IJCRT


Book Chapter Publication

Book chapter published in ELIVA press on Current Physiotherapy Practice in Managing Osteoarthritis Knee.

Area of Interest

Her area of interest is dedicated entirely towards Sports & Musculoskeletal rehabilitation. She prefers to work with new challenges which allows for self-expression.