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Dr. Sushant Shekhar

Associate Professor

Dr. Sushant Shekhar is currently working as Associate Professor in division of mathematics, School of Basic Sciences at Galgotias University, Gr. Noida, UP. I have total experience of more than 8 years of teaching and 14 years of research experience. I have been associated with Galgotias University since 2016. I have also worked in Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, SASTRA university, Kumbakonam. I have received Ph.D. degree from Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, Ghaziabad (Work place CSIR-Fourth Paradigm Institute (NAL), Bangalore). I have qualified the GATE in Mathematics. I have also qualified the CSIR-JRF(NET) in Mathematical Science discipline. I am reviewer in so many reputed national and international journals. I have published 10 research papers in international journals and 3 conference papers. I have guided 6 PG students and 3 UG students for their thesis. Presently, 1 Ph.D. student and 1 PG student are completing their research work.


  • 14 years of Teaching & Research experience

Educational qualification:

  • Qualified CSIR-JRF(NET) - June 2009.
  • Qualified GATE (Mathematics)-
  • Ph.D. (2016) on the topic “A theoretical Study of Wave Propagation in heterogeneous and Isotropic/Anisotropic Media.” under the supervision of Dr. I. A. Parvez, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-Fourth Paradigm Institute (NAL), Bangalore.
  • M.Phil. (2009) on the topic “Characterization of Strongly Clean Rings.” under the supervision of Dr. Abhay Singh, Department of Mathematics, U.I.E.T, C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur.
  • M.Sc. (Mathematics) from C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur.

Paper Published:

SCI Journals:

  1. Shekhar S. Comparative study of thermal effect on thermoelastic double porous solid by finite element method and finite-infinite element method, Waves in Random and Complex Media, SCI, 1745-5049 impact factor 4.05
  1. Shekhar S., Rani L.A comparative study for elastodynamic response of thermal source in three-phase-lag orthotropic thermoelastic material,, Silicon-Springer, 2022. SCI, 1876-990X impact factor 2.67
  2. Shekhar S., Effect of local fluid flow and loose boundary on wave propagation through interface between double porosity solid and cracked elastic solid, Published in Waves in random and complex media, 2023,, SCI, 1745-5049 impact factor 3.333
  3. Shekhar S., Study of deformation due to thermal shock in porous thermoelastic material with reference temperature dependent properties, Published in Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines (2022), SCI, 1539-7734 impact factor 2.286
  4. Rani L., Shekhar S., Response of ramp type heating in a Monoclinic generalized thermoelastic material. Published in Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures, 16(6):1373-1384 (2020), SCOPUS.
  5. Shekhar S., Parvez I.A., Reflection and Refraction of Attenuated Waves at the Interface between Cracked Poroelastic Medium and Porous Solid Saturated with Two Immiscible Fluids. Published in Transport in Porous media-Springer, 113:405-430 (2016) 1573-1634 SCI, impact factor 2.376
  6. Shekhar S., Parvez I.A., Propagation of Torsional Surface Waves in an Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Fluid Saturated Porous Layered Half Space under Initial Stress with Varying Properties, Published in Applied Mathematical Modelling-Elsevier, 40:1300-1314 (2016). 0307-904X SCI, impact factor 5.129
  7. Shekhar S., Parvez I.A., Propagation of Torsional Surface Waves in a Double Porous Layer lying over a Gibson Half Space. Published in Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering-Elsevier, 80:56-64 (2016). 0267-7261 SCI, impact factor, 3.718
  8. Shekhar S., Parvez I.A., Wave Propagation across the Imperfectly Bonded Interface between Cracked Elastic Solid and Porous Solid Saturated with Two Immiscible Viscous Fluids. Published in International Journal of Solids and Structures-Elsevier, 75-76:299-308 (2015). 0020-7683 SCI, impact factor 4.15

Non- SCI(Referred )( Journals:

  1. Khurana S., Shekhar S., Mathematical models studying crime dynamics: A review on adopted approaches, in press, Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, 2021. (my Ph.D. student work)
  2.  Gautam V., Shekhar S., Samanta D., Human Resilience-a study of pandemics, Published in International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research (IJMSCR), 4(3), 402-413, 2021.
  3. Shekhar S., Parvez I.A., Effect of Rotation, Magnetic Field and Initial Stresses on Propagation of Plane Waves in Transversely Isotropic Dissipative Half Space. Published in Applied Mathematics-Scientific Research, 4:107-113 (2013). 2152-7393 SCOPUS, Google-based Impact Factor: 0.83
  4. Rani L., Singh V., Shekhar S., Deformation in a twinned orthorhombic thermoelastic material due to thermal excitations. Published in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER),15(1):59-73 (2020). 0973-4562 SCOPUS.


  1. Effect of thermal shock on three-phase-lag orthotropic thermoelastic material, ICMMAAC-20 held at JECRC University, Jaipur (Raj.).
  2. Finite Element Analysis of the Generalized Magneto-Thermoelastic Inhomogeneous Orthotropic Solid Cylinder, ICMS2014 (Elsevier Proceedings), 257-260 (2014).
  3. Finite Element Method for Deformation in Porous Thermoelastic Material with Temperature Dependent Properties, 59th Congress of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics-ISTAM2014.
  4. Wave Propagation Analysis in Poroelastic Half Space Saturated by Two Fluids with 2D Finite-Infinite Element Technique, National Conference on Advances in Partial Differential Equations-Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, SASTRA University, (2013).


  1. Thirty-hour workshop on Universal Human values and Ethics Organized by Galgotias University, Greater Noida (U.P.), 5th to 16th December 2016.
  2. International conference on Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Organized by Department of Mathematics Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, SASTRA University, Kumbakonam (Tamilnadu), 21st to 22nd December, 2015.
  3. One day workshop on How to write for and Get Published in Scientific Journals and Publish Manuscripts Organized by Springer and Edanz along with Christ University, Bangalore, 28th January, 2013.
  4. Three day’s workshop on Stabilization Methods for Singularity Perturbed Differential Equations Organized by SERC, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 03rd-5th October 2013.
  5. Five day’s Workshop on Seismic Vulnerability and Loss Assessment Organized by CSIR-Fourth Paradigm Institute, Bangalore, 21st-25th October, 2013.
  6. Three day’s workshop on 3rd National Training cum Workshop on preparing the best Ph.D thesis of an International Quality Organized by CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai, 13th-15th February, 2012.
  7. Five day’s workshop on Numerical Simulations Using FEM, XFEM and Meshfree Methods Organized by the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee, 24th-28th December 2012.
  8. National Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation (MMCS-2011) Organized by Department of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (U.P.), 25th-27th March, 2011.


  1. International Journal of heat and mass transfer (SCI Journal).
  2. Acta Mecanica.
  3. Applied Mathematical Modelling.
  4.  Applied mathematics,
  5. International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow.
  6. Sound and Vibration. 
  1. Advances in water resources
  2. Applied Mathematics and Computation.
  3. Journal of Seismology
  4. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of Solid
  5. Journal of Elasticity

Software Skills

  1. C- Language
  2. MatLab
  3. Mathematica
  4. Fortran
  5. Octave
  6. Maxima
  8. R lab
  9. Python

Research Interest:

  • Finite element method
  • Elastodynamics
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Theoretical Seismology