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Dr. Shikha Yadav

Associate Professor

Areas of Specialization: Novel Drug delivery, Nanotechnology,
Total Experience: 13 yrs
Professional Experience
• Teaching as Associate Professor at Galgotias University, Greater Noida from (1 July 2021 to till now)
• Teaching as Assistant Professor (Grade-II) at Galgotias University, Greater Noida from (1 august 2019 to 30 June 2021)
• Teaching as Assistant Professor at GISIPS, Dehradun from (Feb 2012- Feb2019)
• Teaching as Assistant Professor at Roorkee college of Pharmacy, Roorkee from (Nov2009-Feb 2012).
• Teaching as Lecturer at GISIPS, Dehradun from (Dec 2006-Sept 2007).

Major Publications
• Research paper published on “Preparation and characterization of gestroretentive floating microspheres of ofloxacin hydrochloride” in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and nanotechnology on April-June 2010, Vol-3,Issue 1 from page 819-823.
• Review paper published on “Diary pyrimidine derivatives-potent NNRTIs against resistant HIV-1 and wild type strains” in International Journal of Pharmacy Research on Nov-Dec.2010, Vol-1,Issue 3 from page 16-25
• Research paper published on “Development and In-vitro evaluation of sustained release Gastro retentive microspheric drug delivery system of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride” in int.j.pharm.sci. On Jan-Feb 2015, Vol-30,Issue 1, Article No. 22 from page 119-126.
• Research paper published on “Development and In-Vitro Evaluation of Pectino-Eudragit NE 30D Based Sustained Release Gastroretentive Microspheric Drug Delivery System of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride” in int.j.pharm.sci. On May-June 2017, Vol-44,Issue 1,Article No. 57 from page 283-288.
• Research paper published on “A Buoyant Approach for retentive drug delivery: Floating Microspheres’’in Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research on 2017,Vol-7,Issue 5,8566-8577.
• Research paper published on “Consumers perception regarding sunscreen products: A SURVEY OF NCR, INDIA” in European Journal of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences,2020, Volume 7, Issue 8,640-648.
• Research paper published on “Formulation & optimization of fluconazole polymer-liquid hybrid nanoparticles” in Pharmaspire,2020, Volume 12, Issue 2,1-4
• Review article published on “Corona virus Disease 2019: A Worldwide Public Threat” in The Pharma Review,2020.
• Research paper published on “Impact of polyherbal formulations MEF-4 and MEF-8 on high fat diet induced obesity in SD rats” in Asian Journal of Traditional Medicines,2020,Volume 15, Issue 4,164-171.
• Research paper published on “Isolation and characterization of dillenia fruit mucilage: A novel polymer for microspheric delivery of losartan potassium” in Drug Delivery Letters,2020,Volume 10, Issue 4,314-325.
• Research paper published on“Commercial utilities and future perspective of nanomedicines” in Peer J,12392,2021.
• Review article published on “An update on versatile role of artificial intelligence in the the health sector” in NeuroQuantology,August 2022.
• Review article accepted on “Herbal Drugs to Targets in the treatment of Cancer- A Futuristic Approach”in Current Cancer Therapy Reviews, DOI: 10.2174/1573394718666221004092742.
• One patent grant on topic “A herbal hair serum composition and a method for producing the herbal hair serum”,2022.[Patent No.2021102759, Australian Government]
• One patent published, application No. 202241052809,2022. [Intellectual Property India].

• Poster presentation “development of porous calcium pectin ate beads for floating drug delivery” as a co-author in national seminar cum workshop on “Emerging trends in CADD-2012”, 6-8 April 2012, Kashipur, Uttarakhand.
• Participated as Delegate in seminar program on “Role of Pharmacists:Industry-Academic Inreraction” sponsored by IPGA Uttarakhand, 24 October 2010, Gurukula Kangri Vishwaidyalaya,Haridwar.

• Poster presentation “Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effect of picrohiza kurroa phytosomes in carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury in rodents” in 17th annual convetion of society of pharmacognosy and international symposium on frontiers in herbal cosmetic and nutraceuticals,23-24 February 2013, GISIPS, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

• Poster presentation “Design and evaluation of floating microspheres of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride” in international conference on advances in pharmacological and pharmaceutical approaches to drug discovery and clinical development, March 2013, Chitkara University, Patiala.
• Poster presentation “Antimicrobial activity of leaf extract of CERIOPS DECANDRA” in AICTE sponsored national seminar on “pharmacovigilance: regulatory, perspective and prospects for risk management”5-6 April 2013, I.T.S Paramedical (Pharmacy) college, Ghaziabad.
• Participated in training program on “Standardization of medicinal plant and their product” sponsored by ICMR, 22-24 March 2015, Shoolini University.
• Poster presentation “Ecosystem and Biodiversity” sponsored by NRDC in association with UCOST, 27-28 Feb.,UPES Dehradun.

• Oral presentation “Eudragit and its Pharmaceutical Significance” in IPGA,Uttarakhand State Branch sponsored national Conference on “Recent Advannces in Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences”5 Dec.2015, Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Veerbhadra, Rishikesh.

• Oral presentation “Formulation and evaluation of the floating tablets of metformin HCL by Direct compression method.” in HPTU Hamirpur, sponsored national Conference on “Next Generation Smart Medicine”17 March.2016, Himachal Institute of Pharmacy, Paonta Sahib,Himachal Pradesh.

• Oral presentation “Antioxidant & Hepatoprotectvive effects of picrorhiza kurroa phytomes in carbon tetrachloride induced liver injury in rhodants.” in chitkara university, sponsored 6th international Conference on “PPCRPV-2019”8-9 November,2019.

• Certificate course on Supply chain management offered by C.I.T Institute of Logistic, Chennai.
• One month Industrial Training in Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Veerbhadra, Rishikesh.
• FDP Certificate course on Entrepreneurship Awareness sponsored by Entrepreneurship Institute of India, Gujrat.
• Two-week FDP Certificate course on Entrepreneurship Awareness sponsored by Entrepreneurship Institute of India, Gujrat.
• Two days Seminar on National Education Policy 2020: A Gateway to Academic Excellence, conducted by Galgotias University.
• One week FDP Certificate course on “Recent Trends & Advancements in Pharmaceutical Sciences” sponsored by IIMT college of Pharmacy, Greater Noida.
• NPTEL online Certificate course on Medical Biomaterials offered by IIT Madras.
• One week FDP Certificate course on “Emerging Tools &Trends in Pharmaceutical Research” sponsored by Amity University, Lucknow.
• One day workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights and IP management for Start-Up” organized by Department of Pharmacy and IIC-CPUR, Career Point University, Kota.
• NPTEL online Certificate course on Accreditation and Outcome based Learning offered by IIT Kharagpur.
• External examiner and observer appointed by UTU.
• External examiner appointed by Gurukul Kangri Vishwaidyalaya, Haridwar.
• Exam center observer appointed Gurukul Kangri Vishwaidyalaya, Haridwar.