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Dr. P. K. S. Nain


Dr. P. K. S. Nain is currently working as a Professor In the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has an experience of over 29 years in academics and research. Dr. Nain is a dedicated and self-motivated academician with proficiency in handling the administrative activities entailing student management and upholding the university’s motto. He has been actively involved in teaching graduates and postgraduates in mechanical engineering with experience in developing curricula to accommodate different learning styles & maximize students’ comprehension. He has received several academic and research awards & scholarships. Dr. Nain holds a good publication record and presented research work at national and international fora.  


  • 29 years of teaching and research experience


  • Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) from I.I.T. Kanpur, India awarded in March 2006. 

  • M.E. (Production) from I.I.T. Roorkee, India with First Division - Honours (75.95 %) in the year 1992. 

  • B.Sc. Engineering (Mechanical) from A.M.U., Aligarh, India with CPI 9.925/10 - First Rank in the year 1989. 

Award & Recognition

  • Certificate of appreciation in Research and Innovation Awards 2019 and 2022 at Galgotias University.

  • Cognizant Best Faculty Award 2014-15 for outstanding performance at Galgotias University.

  • Served as MODROB Project Coordinator for the modernization of CAD Lab. Obtained Rs.15 lakhs grant from A.I.C.T.E. at N.I.E.T., Greater NOIDA, India (F. No: 8023/RID/BOR/MOD-59/2007-08 dated September 18, 2007). Fund was utilized for setting up Distributed Computing 36 Node Cluster for research purposes.

  • British Telecom (U.K.) Fellowship for Ph.D. at I.I.T. Kanpur, India.

  • GATE-91 cleared with 96.75 percentile (Basic Science & Engineering- 87.11; Mechanical Engineering-99.08).

  • Maulana Tufail Ahemad Gold Medal for standing first in B.Sc. Engineering (Mechanical) at A.M.U., Aligarh, India.


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[23] P. K. S. Nain and K. Deb, “Computationally effective search and optimization procedure using coarse to fine approximations,” in 2003 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, CEC 2003 - Proceedings, 2003, vol. 3. doi: 10.1109/CEC.2003.1299929.

Peer Recognition

  • Official Reviewer in IEEE Transaction on Evolutionary Computations. 

  • Official Reviewer in Elsevier International Journal of Applied Soft Computing.

  • Official Reviewer in Taylor & Francis International Journal of Green Energy.

  • Official Reviewer in Elsevier Journal of Manufacturing Processes.

  • Member of BOS (Mechanical Engineering) at UPTU from 2007 to 2008.

  • Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education, India (membership no.LM-50082). 

  • Fellow Member of IEI (F-1287113) 

  • Senate Member at Roorkee University Students Association at I.I.T. Roorkee, India during 1990- 1991. 

  • Represented Amity, a Knowledge Partner in SME CEO Series as an expert in Auto and Manufacturing clusters in Chennai and Coimbatore, India, in 2010. 

  • Session Chair at Eighth International Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning (SEAL’ 2010), at IIT Kanpur, India 

  • Guest of Honour at National Conference on “Advances in Mechanical, Automobile & Production Engineering” (AMAPE-2015) at SIET, Greater Noida, India.

Area of Interest

  • Machine Design

  • Thermoelctric Devices

  • Outcome Based Education

  • Evolutionary algorithms

  • Machine Learning

  • Optimization

Other Achievements 

  • University Mentorship Coordinator at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India from 2019 - Till Date

  • Chief Proctor at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India from Nov 2021- Till Date

  • Head, Mechanical engineering Department at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India during Jan 2021 – Till Date

  • Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India from Aug 14- June’17.

  • Head, Mechanical & Civil Engineering at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India from Oct’11- Jan’13. 

  • Assistant Examination Superintendent at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India from Jun 11- June’14. 

  • Deputy COE (coding) as additional responsibility at Galgotias University from April’19 – till Date. 

  • Member of Discipline Committee at Galgotias University from July 2012 – till Date. 

  • Member, Academic Council at Galgotias University from 2016 – 2019.

  • Director at N.I.E.T., Greater NOIDA, India during Aug’08- Oct’09. 

  • Additional Director at N.I.E.T., Greater NOIDA, India during Aug’07- Aug’08. 

  • Dean (R&D) at N.I.E.T., Greater NOIDA, India during Aug’06- Aug’07. 

  • Warden to Lakeview Hostel with H.B.T.I. Kanpur, India from July 97- July’98.

  • Technical Consultant to Department of Excise, Govt. of India, Kanpur (for rolling mills) from July 97- July’98.