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Dr. Mayur Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor

Dr.Mayur Pratap Singh is currently working as an Aassistant Professor in Department of Mechanical engineering. He has done his M. Tech and PhD from National institute of Technology, Jalandhar. He is a research professional who has vast experience in dealing numerous projects at Institute(s) of eminence such as National Metallurgical Laboratory, Tata steels (R&D) and NITs/ IITs. I have delivered lectures on variety of topics such as sustainable development goals in manufacturing industry, status of clean energy in India and application of materials in electric vehicles in National and International conferences. He has expertise on wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), metal 3D printing, and fracture and fatigue analysis of metal parts. He has worked on cutting edge spectroscopy techniques such as EBSD, EPMA, XRD and nano-SEM or metallurgical characterization of metal parts. He has published research papers in peer reviewed international SCI journals. 


  • Research in National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand - Worked as Research associate during doctoral programme
  • Research in Tata Steels, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand - Worked as Research Associate in doctoral programme
  • Research in National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab – Worked as Doctoral research fellow in the Department of Mechanical engineering
  • Research in National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab – Worked as Post graduate research fellow in the Department of Mechanical engineering


  • PhD 
  • M.Tech
  • B. Tech

Award & Recognition

  1.  MHRD scholarship for pursuing Master program at NIT Jalandhar from August 2012 – June 2014
  2. MHRD scholarship for pursuing Doctoral program at NIT Jalandhar from August 2015 – Jan 2020.
  3. Worked on joint research project of National metallurgical Laboratory and Tata steel Jamshedpur as research associate during doctoral programme worth 50 lacs INR.
  4. Qualified GATE- 2011, 2012 Examinations
  5. Member of the team assigned for development of 10KVA dual fuel electricity generator for Indian Army at Birla power solutions limited, 2009. 


    • Singh, M.P., Arora, K.S., Shajan, N., Pandu, S.R., Shome, M., Kumar, R. and Shukla, D., 2019. Comparative analysis of continuous cooling transformation behavior in CGHAZ of API X-80 and X-65 line pipe steels. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry137(4), pp.1155-1167.
  • Singh, M., Kumar, R., Shukla, D.K. and Arora, K.S., 2018. Phase transformation and impact toughness in HAZ of micro alloyed X80 line pipe steel. Materials Research Express6(2), p.026561.
  • Singh, M.P., Arora, K.S., Kumar, R., Shukla, D.K. and Siva Prasad, S., 2021. Influence of heat input on microstructure and fracture toughness property in different zones of X80 pipeline steel weldments. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures44(1), pp.85-100.
  • Singh, M.P., Shukla, D.K., Kumar, R. and Arora, K.S., 2020. The structural integrity of high-strength welded pipeline steels: A review. International Journal of Structural Integrity
  • Singh, M.P., Meena, P.K., Arora, K.S., Kumar, R. and Shukla, D.K., 2021. Experimental, analytical and numerical, investigation of peak temperature and cooling rate in butt joint weld of mild steel. World Journal of Engineering.
  • Singh, M.P., Arora, K.S., Gupta, A., Kumar, R., Shukla, D.K. and Jhunjhunwala, P., 2022. Experimental characterization of dynamic fracture toughness behavior of X80 pipeline steel welded joints for different heat inputs. Welding in the World, pp.1-20.
  • Meena, P., Kumar, M., Singh, M., Kumar Shukla, D., Burela, R.G., Jhunjhunwala, P., Gupta, A. and Pandey, C., 2022. Numerical Analysis of Different SUS304 Steel Weld Joint Configurations Using new Prescribed Temperature Approach. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals,75(6), pp.1649-1668.
  • Khajuria, A., Akhtar, M., Pandey, M.K., Singh, M.P., Raina, A., Bedi, R. and Singh, B., 2019. Influence of ceramic Al2O3 particulates on performance measures and surface characteristics during sinker EDM of stir cast AMMCs. World Journal of Engineering16(4), pp.526-538.
  • Experimental characterization of physically simulated samples of sub zones of HAZ for differentheat inputs. Under Review with Material science and engineering-A Elsevier.


  • International Conference on Material science and Engineering organized by NIT Jalandhar, June,11th 2019 under TEQIP-3 programme. 
  • 19th ISME conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering organized by Department of Mechanical engineering, NIT Jalandhar, 20th December 2018
  • Short term course on Material Characterization Techniques, organized by Department of Mechanical engineering, NIT Jalandhar June17th 2019 at NIT Jalandhar 
  • National level hands on training cum workshop on Electron Microscopy-why, how and what organized by Institute Instrumentation centre, IIT Roorkee October 19-23 2015
  • Short term course on Advanced Engine Technologies with open ECUS October 15th 2015 at NIT Jalandhar
  • GIAN course on Applied Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics organized by IIT Ropar and MHRD, Govt. of India Ma 16th 2016
  • Symposium on Fatigue, Fracture and Integrity assessment (FFIA-2017) organized by department of Metallurgical and Material engineering, Jadavpur University 2017
  • Short term course on Advances in welding Technology organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi and Indian welding society 15th Nov.2017

Area of Interest

  • Digital Twin, Smart Manufacturing, Machine learning in Manufacturing systems
  • Experimental characterization of fracture behavior of 3D printed materials, Wire arc additive manufacturing
  • Fracture toughness analysis of welded joints using CT and SENB specimens, fatigue crack growth rate (FCGR), dynamic fracture toughness analysis using Charpy size specimens
  • Mechanical and Metallurgical characterization of low carbon high strength steels, ultra low carbon steels and API grade pipeline steels, Naval grade steels.
  • Dilatometry analysis, Gleeble Simulation of sub zones of Heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • Thermal modeling of welding behavior of single and multipass welds
  • Metallurgical characterization of real welded and Gleeble simulated samples using SEM, TEM,XRD and EBSD spectroscopic techniques.

Book Published

Other Achievements 

  • He has applied for the project entitled “A FEASIBLE STUDY OF DIGITAL TWIN IN ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING” with HCL technologies Limited as Co- principal investigator (Co-PI). The Proposalof the project has been accepted by HCL authorities and approval is under process.
  • Member of Indian welding society, Delhi, India
  •  Member of Elpis analytics, India
  • Invited speaker on the topic sustainable development at Confederation of Young Leaders (CYI) under United Nations (UN) 75 programme in 2020.
  • Reviewer of journals such as Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals, Springer Nature, Material research express- IOP sciences, World journal of engineering, Emerald publication house, International journal of structural Integrity, Emerald Publication house