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The Actor's Hub

The Actor’s Hub is the most prestigious cultural club of the Galgotias University Student Council. It is a place for performing arts, acting, music, scriptwriting, directions, voice modulation, expressions, and modeling. It spins all these talents together with the finest thread of experience to create some magnificent performances throughout the year. This is the home to extraordinary Nukkads, splendid Theaters, impressive Mimes, spectacular Skits, and much more. The Actor’s Hub on Field The Actor’s Hub since the day of its origin has been focused on nurturing the talent of acting and expression in its members. It is open to all the students of Galgotias University. All new session auditions are conducted to admit new talents to the club. We also conduct workshops on various acting strategies and expression improvising techniques for not only our members but all the students of our university. We perform not only at Galgotias University but also take part in competitions or cultural fests of various other Colleges and Universities every year. We prepare our members accordingly and lead them to a whole new level of exposure and experience with acting methods and techniques. Sometimes we also learn from these fests and inter-college competitions, where each team harbors unique methods and talents. e-Activities The pandemic did give us a hard time as most of our activities are to be performed physically in front of an audience, but we overcame that too with all of our online activities and performances. The Actor’s Hub conducted numerous online workshops on acting. We also conducted various competitions where our participants played monologues starting with the alphabet of their names. Later on, The Actor’s Hub also gave a short film on the occasion of Independence Day. So that’s how we continue our club’s legacy online too.