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Team TechnoJam

The Technical Club of Galgotias University. The advent of technology in the past decade skyrocketed our beings exponentially. It's limitless - no bounds, and we're more likely to drown in it rather than stay afloat and reign in it. So here, at TechnoJam, we aim to assist and nurture students who are exploring the world of technology to become future developers and leaders. Our goal is to furnish a pool of efficient personnel who are quick to cater to any business and expedite spur innovation. We encourage people to code, guide them to follow the right path, help them in getting started, and further explore the domains that hold their interest. With members from varying domains and numerous social connections, we work whilst learning together, thriving, flourishing, and sharing our expertise.

Our Mission
  • To develop a platform where the technical innovativeness of students could be nurtured and given a practical shape to improve the technical abilities of students as well as the reputation of the institute as a leader in innovation and creativity.
  • To enhance the technical innovativeness of our institute students by organizing workshops and competitions on various technical levels to the sorts continues, to attract the interest of the students towards technical aspects of their education.
  • Provide a platform where the students can put their innovative efforts and clear their doubts to transform them into reality.
  • Work on live projects to make the institute high-tech.
  • Represent our institute by participating at National level Tech-Fest, hackathons, and other technical events all around the nation.
Domain Groups
TechnoJam has members hailing from different domains and specialties of technology. Some of them include:
  • Gaming and VR
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Technologies
  • Android Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Competitive Programming
  • AI and ML