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Mechelites Motorsports

Mechelites Motorsports is a student organization under SAE Galgotias University consisting members that design, manufacture and competes with custom race cars (Go-karts, ATVs) in the national events like SAE Baja, FMSCI elite karting, NKRC, RCDC, etc. Our goal and purpose are that of the practical application of the various fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M) for the use of mankind in problem-solving and in turn for improving the design, fuel efficiency, and cost of a high-performance race vehicle. We have taken part in several national events consisting of nearly 100 teams each and have been able to always been among the top teams, as a young team, we carry our knowledge and experience to be even more competitive, vigorous, and pugnacious towards our goals and dreams.