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Lingo Freaks

Lingo Freaks is the literary club of the Galgotias University Student Council. As the sole club that represents a variety of language and communication-focused talents, it serves the following primary uses, as and when needed by the Council: Content-writing: What Graphex is to posters and videos, Lingo Freaks is to Instagram captions, scripts, etc. The club consistently provides content of any nature within deadlines wherever needed by any arm of the Student Council. Anchoring: The primary pool of anchoring talent in the Student Council is organized by Lorganizeingo Freaks, proving crucial in taking the mic and commanding respect, where Council events need them to. The club’s members have proved increasingly useful in the year behind us, by also serving as interviewers to clubs organizing online interviews. Beyond its core utilities for the Council, the club is a haven for those seeking a community of creative writers, speakers, orators, and any more related descriptors. The club promotes and thrives on the shared literary passion of its fellow members and represents the large portion of the University’s students who may not find themselves represented elsewhere. As a creative outlet for its writers and orators, the club manages its Instagram account in-house, to post the submissions of its members with high cooperation from Graphex for consistent posters. The club has posted 49 written and spoken content submissions combined on its Instagram in the past year and expects to grow that number further in sessions 2021-22. Through a renewed focus on Reels, the club intends to push its digital footprint further and reach more people than before. Lingo Freaks focuses on events that represent a large swathe of literary talent. This can mean a story-writing competition in one month, followed by a group discussion in the next. This diversity in skill, talent, and passion of its members allows the club to conduct fresh events consistently organized.