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GU Marketing Team

A team leader is someone who's not afraid to stand back and let his/her team take the credit. A leader is responsible for the coordination of marketing resources and capacity planning with internal members, external freelancers, as well as agencies. Their role also includes coordinating marketing budgets and serving as the primary point of contact for the internal finance team. We come into the scenes when all that’s left to do is bring in the crowd. Good marketing is not all about selling your idea and giving a great marketing pitch but to give people a glimpse of something which they would enjoy and cherish. We at the GU marketing club provide students with a platform where they can put all of their marketing skills to give people what they want and make them want to come back for something better the very next time. Here our main work is to create something that makes people want to come and see what all that hype is about. To date, organize there has not been a single event that has not been covered by the marketing team! The year 2019-20 and 2020-2021 has witnessed tons of uncertain events that gave us a lot of challenges but despite all these uncertainties we came back with a bang! Including one of the biggest events of all time “GALGOTIAS UNIFEST”. The unifest had a footfall of about 8000-9000 people and did not just involve the students from Galgotias but also different universities. OUR TEAM worked day and night to make the unifest a success. We covered almost all the universities of the NCR like AMITY, JAMIYA, JAYPEE, ASIAN, THE HINDU COLLEGE, MIRANDA HOUSE, LSR, KHALSA, HANSRAJ, ZAKIR HUSAIN, and many more. Except for the unifest, our team also covered the different types of talk shows which included many sensational and inspiring individuals including Ritu Saini an Activist, Campaigner, TEDx Speaker @STOPACIDATTACKS @SHEROESHANGOUT and MRIDULA OBEROI, AN ACTRESS, EDUCATIONALIST, BANKER, LIFE SKILL PARTNER, MRS INDIA EARTH FACE OF NORTH 2016, Publishing the coming of EDUCATION MINISTER and DR. DP SINGH your university via tweets, videos, posters(more than 1000s of them). Which made a great impact on every individual and left them inspired. If you think that you can be a good marketer, then join us because we believe that “Exclusive events give priceless memories”.