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Dr. A. Ram Pandey

A Ram Pandey, Ph. D. has experience of more than 15 years in teaching, research and media production. At present, he is overseeing academic programs at the Department of Mass Communication, at Galgotias University. Dr. Pandey has done research on various issues ranging from the role of communication in elections, the use of social media and film, communication strategies and teaching pedagogy. Currently, he is working for the Govt. a funded ICSSR project to study the effectiveness of SWAYAM-based media programs.

Dr. A Ram Pandey introduced a unique Project-based learning program MA Journalism and Mass Communication. The all-India Journalist Association has awarded him Best Innovative Journalist & Best Faculty awards for running a live project to generate money for the treatment of a cancer patient.

He has done Ph. D. from Lucknow University, Uttar Pradesh in 2012 & completed Transmedia Storytelling from The University of New South Wales, Sydney and Leaders of Learning from Howard University. He is a qualified trainer of outcome-based education & experimental technology at various levels in academics and administration. He has set up a multi-cam studio and community radio stations, a podcast studio using the experience of Industries like India News channel and Anamika Films. He has been invited as an expert for various television programs.

Dr. Pandey has contributed to the production of SWAYAM courses of UGC and Vishwa Hindi Kosh” for Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Content for Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi & U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad. He has written many book chapters like photopatrkarita and Amurt se Murt etc. for various books.

Four Ph. D. scholars have submitted their thesis successfully under the guidance of Dr. A Ram Pandey. He is experimenting with media education to cater for the needs of futuristic internet-based media and education.

Experience Total 20+ years of experience

More than 13+ years of experience in Teaching and Administration.

5-year experience in the Media Industry at various level.


Ph. D. from the University of Lucknow in “Role of media in public opinion with special reference to elections. Registered the program in 2007 & the degree was awarded in July 2012.

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

Award & Recognition

Awarded as Best Innovative Journalist & Best Faculty by All India Journalist Association on 30th December 2017.

Awarded with twenty-five thousand and appreciation for funded projects by Galgotias University.


Research paper “A Content Analysis of Journalists’ blog with special reference to driving forces for blog writing” published in Web Journal of Mass Communication Research of OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY’S JOURNAL (WJMCR) the USA, 2013.

Research paper “Role of TRP over Television News” published in International Research Journal of Social Science & Management- Singapore, 2012, UGC Journal No 46960, ISSN No 22511571 with Impact Factor 7.024.

Research Paper “Role of public relations in image management of an organization” published in International journal of advanced research, ideas, and innovations in technology-impact factor; 4.295, volume 3, issue 4 July 2017 page no. 164-168. Research paper “Role of Digital Social Media in strengthening Democracy: A comparative case study of Egypt and India” published in conference proceedings of the International Conference” organized by Amity University, Jaipur.

Research paper “Role of Print Media in Bihar Assembly Election” published in refereed journal SAMAGAM, Bhopal, July 2011, ISSN 2231-0479, ISBN 978-81-921076-0-8 Page No. 26-29

The research paper “Relation between film review and popularity of Hindi movies” has been published in the referred mass communication journal "MANTHAN", of IMS. Research paper “Correlation of Print & New Media Consumption: A Comparative Study between Indian & African Youth” published in “Journal of Applied Journalism and Media studies” Sweden.

Correspondent author of An Analysis of the effectiveness of Bollywood political films and film stars in International journal of multidisciplinary research, vol 2, issue 8, August 2017 ISSN No. 2455-278X.

Correspondent author of Portrayal of female politicians in Bollywood movies: a study of political movies “Rajneeti and Kissa Kursi Ka” Amity Journal of Media & Communication Studies (ISSN 2231 – 1033) 2017, Vol. 7, No. 2. “Impact of Stand-Up Comedy towards Social Issues in India” research paper has been published in the International journal of multidisciplinary research, vol 2, issue 9, September 2017.

“Perception of Indian Youth towards Politicians with Comic Style” research paper has been published in the International Journal of multidisciplinary research, vol 2, issue 9, September 2017.

The portrayal of females as politicians in Bollywood movies: a study of political movies Satta & Gulaal, in BRDU International journal of multidisciplinary research, vol 2, issue 8, August 2017 ISSN No. 2455-278X Page 185-190.

The research paper “The changing nature of stand-up comedy in the era of social media” has been accepted in the ATARAXIA peer-review journal April 2018, ISSN No. 23944153.

Published research Sakshi Kumar, Dr. A Ram Pandey. Communication-related challenges & opportunities faced by social Workers During Covid-19 In Delhi-NCR Region in Journal of Arts, Humanities & Social Science, Sodh Sarita. Vol 7, Issues 28 ISSN 2348-2397.

Srivastava Dr. Amitabh, Pandey Dr. A Ram (2018). Social site’s consumption pattern: A comparative study between Indian and Gambin youths. International Journal of Communication Development. Vol. 8 Issue 3-4. Page No. 16-23. ISSN-2231-2498. Upadhyay Uma Shankar, Pandey Dr. A Ram (2019) Business Model of New Media. jigyasa, ISSN 0974-7648, Vol. XI, No. 5, December 2018 Page 233-241.

Amitabh Srivastava, Sakshi Kumar, Research Scholar, Dr. A. Ram Pandey (2020) PRIVACY ISSUES AND TREPIDATION ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA ADAPTATIONS AMONGST COLLEGE GIRLS. Journal of Critical Reviews, ISSN No. 2394-5125 Vol. 7 (19), 2027-2033. @doi:10.31838/jcr.07.19.245 Goma Tarun, Pandey Dr. A Ram, Shankar Dr. Bhawani (2020) Representation and usage of media during Covid-19. Asian Thinker ISSN 2582-1296 Volume: VII, July-September, Year-2020

Kumar Ashish, Pandey Agya Ram, Srivastava Amitabh Srivastava, Yadav Raghunath (2020) Use of blogs in distance education; A study. Sodh Sarita, ISSN 2348-2397 Vol 7, Issue 28, Oct to Dec 2020.@ A. Ram Pandey, (2016) Status of Working Women Journalists in India. Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education Vol. 12, Issue No. 24, ISSN 2230-7540, Dec 2016

A. Ram Pandey, (2015) Media Access and Reach as Factors of Socio Economics, Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education Vol. 10, Issue No. 20.1, (Special Issue) December-2015, ISSN 2230-7540@ A. Ram Pandey, (2016) Mass Communication and Socio-Economic Development. Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education Vol. 12, Issue No. 24, ISSN 2230-7540, Dec 2016

A Ram Pandey, Swarnika Pandey (2021) A Review of Challenges & Solutions in Massive open online course. Shodhsamhita Vol VIII, Issue 2(1) ISSN 2277-7067, 2021-22. A Ram Pandey, Adarsh Shukla (2021), Role of media in covering general elections. National Conference on Media and Communication in the New World Order held on 17-18 December 2021 organised by Vivekananda School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Association with Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

Worked as associate editor of the “International Journal of Management Issues and Research” of SBS, Sharda University.


Leaders of Learning from Harvard University on 27 April 2020 with 84% marks on the platform on EdX.

Completed Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences at prepared by UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales) on 4th March 2019 with a grade achieved 86.3.

Accreditation and Outcome-based Learning from IIT, Kharagpur on the SWAYAM platform. Quantitative Methods successfully completed from the University of Amsterdam on 28 March 2021 with 84.5%.

Area of Interest@ Multimedia Storytelling @ Digital Photography@ Book Published

Completed UGC sponsored module on Media and Alternative paradigm of change of MOOC course for Media and Society at SWAYAM platform.

Written Multimedia: Animation, AR and VR content for National Institute of Open Schooling for senior secondary level.

Published book chapter on Education; 4.0 and Media for Book Media Education for Generation Z

Completed vocabulary project for Mass Communication “Vishwa Hindi Kosh” for Kendriya Hindi Sansthan July 2018.

Written content on Writing for New Media for MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.

Written four chapters on photography for U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad. @ Types of shots


ND Filter, UV Filter & Polarising Filter

Film- Type and Function@ Written book chapter photopatrkarita for book adhunik patrakarita ke vividh sopan ISBN: 978-9383837-38-0.

Written a chapter titled Amurt se Murt for Jansanchar ki bhartiya avdharnaye avam smabhavnayen, publisher Mackhingee Publishers, ISBN 978-81-936972-8-3 the year 2018. Other Achievements


Indian Council of Social Science Research has approved 400,000/- Four Lakh research projects on the Study of Audience Reception, Motivation, and effectiveness of SWAYAM-based media courses under the IMPRESS scheme.

Ph. D. Guidance

1. Guided Manish Kumar for his doctoral research thesis ``Role of stand-up comedy to represent political issues in India”. The degree was awarded in 2020.

2. Guided as Co-guide Sarika Takhar Badsara for Ph.D. thesis Portrayal and Representation of females as a politician in Bollywood Movies from 1970 to 2013”.

3. Ms. Sakshi Kumar and Mr. Ashish Kumar have been awarded Ph. D. from Department of Mass Communication under the guidance of A Ram Pandey, Ph. D.