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World Environmental Summit 2023


1) Climate Action 

2) Clean Water and Sanitation 


The World Environment Summit brings together visionaries and policymakers from around the world, sparking a transformative movement to restore our planet. Addressing pressing issues like mitigating climate change and preserving biodiversity, this summit offers a unique opportunity to shape a sustainable future. Stand alongside leaders, scientists, and activists as we navigate a path toward a more eco-friendly and healthier world. 


The groundbreaking initiative transcends mere numbers, it signifies our collective commitment to nurturing a sustainable tomorrow. Together, we are forging a legacy, one tree at a time, championing the vital causes of environmental conservation and climate action. 

This monumental effort represents a green revolution in the making, and we want everyone to be an integral part of it. By uniting with us, you contribute to a more sustainable planet, and in doing so, pave the way for a greener, brighter future. 

We eagerly anticipate your presence at this significant event, where your support and active participation will undoubtedly make a difference. Together, let us stride towards a world where environmental preservation is not just a goal but a shared responsibility. 

We were deeply honored to extend our esteemed invitations to a multitude of distinguished and revered dignitaries on the upcoming 4th World Environment Summit. Among the esteemed guests gracing the occasion are the esteemed recipients of prestigious awards such as Padma Shri Mr. M C Mehta, Padma Shri Uma Shankar Pandey, Padma Bhushan Shri Chandi Prasad Bhutt, Padma Shri Raja Lakshman Singh, and Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi. 

Their presence adds immense value to our event, underscoring the significance of our collective mission. We are profoundly grateful for their gracious acceptance of our invitation, and we eagerly anticipate their valuable insights and contributions to the summit. 

Their exemplary achievements and unwavering commitment to environmental causes serve as a beacon of inspiration for all attendees. Their wisdom and expertise will undoubtedly enrich our discussions and deepen our understanding of the crucial issues at hand. 

Once again, we express our deepest gratitude to these eminent personalities for gracing us with their presence. Their participation elevates the stature of the 4th World Environment Summit, making it a truly momentous and enlightening event. 

The dignitaries at the 4th World Environment Summit 2023 were welcomed with pots of plants and traditional Angvastra. The event commenced with a soul-stirring Saraswati Vandana, followed by a warm welcome address and an introduction to the summit by Dr. Jitendra K Nagar, Organizing Secretary of WES 2023 and General Secretary of the Environment & Social Development Association in Delhi. The audience had the privilege of hearing insightful addresses from esteemed speakers, including Prof. R.N. Dubey, the Principal of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College at the University of Delhi, and Dr. S. K. Goyal, Chief Scientist & Head of CSIR-NEERI, Delhi Zonal Centre. Shri Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor of Galgotias University, Greater Noida, will address the gathering as the Chief Patron, and Padma Bhushan Shri Chandi

Prasad Bhatt, the Environmentalist and Founder of the Chipko Movement in Uttarakhand, served as the Chief Guest. The session was presided over by Hon. Justice Mr. Sudhir Agarwal Ji, Judicial Present Member of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in New Delhi. Additionally, the summit featured Dr. Markandey Rai, Senior Advisor of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) and Chancellor of IGTAMSU, Arunachal Pradesh, as the Keynote Speaker and Guest of Honor. The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks delivered by Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu, Vice Chancellor of Galgotias University in Greater Noida. 

Along with this, Plenary sessions, Invited Lectures and Paper Presentations and Oral Paper Presentation were parallelly being held in different venues. 

The session chairs for the 4th World Environment Summit 2023 included Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, who served as the Dean of the School of Basic Sciences at Galgotias University in Greater Noida. Prof. Jaigopal Sharma, the Head of the Department of Biotechnology at Delhi Technological University in Delhi, also chaired a session. Other distinguished session chairs included Dr. Ahmed Shahid from the Institute for Research and Innovation at Villa College, QI Campus in Male, Maldives, Prof. Sanjeet Singh, who was the Professor and Head of the Department of Economics at the Central University of Himachal Pradesh, H. P., Prof. Prodyut Bhattacharya, the Dean Director & Coordination at the University School of Environment Management, GGS Indraprastha University in New Delhi, Dr. Uzma Manzoor, the Associate Dean of the School of Agriculture at Galgotias University in Greater Noida, and Dr. Yugal Jha, an Associate Professor at K.K.M. College in Pakur, Beliadanga, Jharkhand. Their expertise and leadership greatly enriched the sessions and contributed to the success of the summit. 

At the End an award ceremony was held with Miss Aradhana Galgotias, Executive Director of Galgotias University, Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu, Vice Chancellor of Galgotias University, and Dr. Jitendra K Nagar, Organizing Secretary of WES 2023 and General Secretary of the Environment & Social Development Association in Delhi.