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Sustainable Pathways

Event Date: 9th Jan 2024

Our proposal focuses on engaging students and faculty with UN SDGs for a sustainable future. Initiatives include awareness campaigns, student partnerships, practical, project development and presentation skill development. We aim to foster responsible citizens with practical skills for real-world challenges.

Understanding Sustainability and SDGs and how they are all connected. Group Discussion, Documentary and Carbon Foot Print Calculation. Immediate Action for home, offices, neighbourhood and work places.

160 students from School of Pharmacy, Business, Nursing,Law & Engineering

Raise Awareness about Minimizing Environmental Impact and Promoting Sustainable Living.

1. *Grouping:* Students were divided into 5 groups.
2. *Assigned SDGs:* Aligned with elements - Earth, Sun, Space, Air, Water.
3. *Activity:* Identified challenges related to the assigned SDGs, formulated solutions, and devised action plans.

Key Highlights:
- *Engagement:* Active participation from diverse disciplines fostered interdisciplinary collaboration.
- *Innovation:* Assigning SDGs after elements added a creative touch to the workshop.
- *Collaboration:* Students worked in groups, encouraging teamwork and varied perspectives.
- *Problem-Solving:* Addressing challenges related to the assigned SDGs showcased critical thinking.
- *Action Plans:* Drawing up actionable plans reflected a commitment to practical sustainability efforts.

The "Sustainable Pathways" workshop successfully educated students on minimizing environmental impact and fostering sustainable practices. 

The interdisciplinary approach, creative SDG assignment, and practical problem-solving activities made the event both informative and engaging. 

The drawn action plans indicate a positive step towards implementing sustainable solutions in the students' respective fields.

Mentor Name – Ms. Sonam Wadhwa

Department Name – School of Life Long Learning

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