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Seminar on Innovation in Alternative Healthcare and Data Science

Other Co-Coordinators are Ms Neha sharma Assistant Professor School of pharmacy, Dr Gaurav kumar Associate Professor school of applied basic Science, Dr Vineeta Khemchandani Dean ,School of computer application and technology, Professor Dr SK Abdul Rehman, Dean School of pharmacy, Dr. Gaurav Kumar, IIC Head, Galgotias University.

Dr. Neha Mahajan focused on Power of Ayurveda , Ayurvedic research and methodology Present status and future strategies, Ayurveda Market Research, Improvement in quality of herbal drugs, Active involvement of government, Development of Ayurvedic pharma sector, Upgradation of Ayurveda literature, Revalidation of clinical trials, Combination of Ayurveda and Western medicine, Resolution of controversies in Ayurvedic drug, Financial support to our country and sponsorship. According to ancient wisdom of ayurveda can only be achieved when there is a proper balance of the " Three pillars" first is food ,sleep and sex .Ayurveda texts states that "one who manages these three pillars properly is guaranted a full life span that will not cut short by disease. " All ayurvedic treatment programs begin with bringing these three areas into balance .

AI’s role in Ayurveda extends beyond research to commercial applications. Through advanced computational methods, AI tools are dissecting the complexity of Ayurvedic formulations. They are essential in deciphering the bioactive compounds in Ayurvedic plants, linking these to specific biochemical pathways and therapeutic benefits. This process is pivotal in formulating new products and determining optimal dosages, enhancing both the efficacy and safety of Ayurvedic treatments. NutrifyGenie, as an example, serves as a crucial tool in this commercialization journey. 

Mentor Name – Dr. Vineeta Khemchandani, Dr.Abdul Rehman, Dr Sudeshna Chakraborty

Department Name – School of Computer Application & Technology