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Quiz competition on occasion of National Science Day

Event Date: 28th February 2024

The School of Agriculture at Galgotias University celebrated National Science Day 2024 with great enthusiasm and fervor. The event aimed to commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman and to promote scientific temper among students, faculty, and staff. This year's celebration focused on the theme "Indigenous technology for Viksit Bharat," highlighting the crucial role of science and technology in addressing contemporary challenges in agriculture.

The event highlighted the pivotal role of science and technology in addressing the evolving challenges faced by the agricultural sector. By encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and stimulating research initiatives, the School of Agriculture reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing future leaders in agricultural science and contributing to the sustainable development of the agricultural industry.


  1. Indigenous technology
  2. Sustainable Development
  3. Interdisciplinary collaboration
  4. Research initiatives
  5. challenges in agriculture

The School of Agriculture at Galgotias University celebrated National Science Day on 28th February 2024 with a vibrant display of enthusiasm and dedication. The event, designed to honor Sir C.V. Raman's discovery of the Raman Effect, served as a platform to promote scientific curiosity and innovation, particularly within the realm of agriculture.

Under the theme "Indigenous technology for Viksit Bharat," the celebration underscored the significance of leveraging homegrown solutions to address the multifaceted challenges encountered in agriculture. This thematic focus emphasized the importance of harnessing local expertise and resources to foster sustainable development within the agricultural sector.

One of the central messages conveyed during the event was the pivotal role of science and technology in tackling the evolving challenges confronting agriculture. From climate change to resource scarcity, the agricultural industry faces a myriad of obstacles that necessitate innovative solutions rooted in scientific inquiry and technological advancements.

Furthermore, the event underscored the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in driving meaningful progress within agriculture. By encouraging scholars from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and share insights, the School of Agriculture aims to foster a holistic approach to problem-solving, thereby unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Research initiatives emerged as another focal point of the event, highlighting the critical role of ongoing scientific inquiry in shaping the future of agriculture. By supporting research endeavors that explore novel techniques, methodologies, and technologies, the School of Agriculture seeks to drive continuous improvement and adaptation within the industry.

Despite the challenges inherent in agriculture, the event radiated a sense of optimism and determination, buoyed by the collective efforts of students, faculty, and staff. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence in education and research, the School of Agriculture reaffirmed its position as a leading institution dedicated to shaping the next generation of agricultural leaders.

In summary, the National Science Day celebration at Galgotias University's School of Agriculture served as a catalyst for inspiration, collaboration, and innovation. By championing indigenous technology, sustainable development, interdisciplinary collaboration, and research initiatives, the event laid the groundwork for a brighter, more resilient future for agriculture in India.

Mentor Name – Dr Uzma Manzoor and Dr Anju Kapri

Department Name – School of Agriculture

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