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Photo Exhibition (Nazariya)

Date: January 27-30, 2024

Venue: B Block, Galgotias University

The students of MAJMC-Sem-1 had got the opportunity to conduct photo exhibition 2024 which we named as NAZRIYA which was free of cost and this lead to huge no. Of participation under the guidance of Dr. Manish Srivastavsir and total of 25 students took an initiative to conduct this photo-exhibition. It was a competition which made other stream students of GALGOTIAS’s university participate along with us by submitting 4 photos out of which 2 best photos of each participant were selected to put it in photo exhibition. We conducted photo exhibition on 27th January 2024 -30th January 2024 in B-block ground floor in a very decorative and unique way. A guest of honour was invited Dr. Sunil Mishra along with our honourable Dean Dr.A.RamPandey sir and they inaugurated photo exhibition 2024 and mentioned points on each photographs and appreciate the efforts of all the students who participated and also appreciated MAJMC- Sem-1 for conducting the photo exhibition successfully. All thanks to Dr.Manish Srivastav sir for the guidance and also to Dr.A.RamPandey sir for the support and confidence they showed on us and also to all the participants for taking an initiative and making our event successful.

Galgotias University witnessed a spectacular showcase of creativity as the Master’s students in Mass Communication organized a captivating photo exhibition at B Block from January 27 to 30, 2024. The event was not limited to Mass Communication students, as participants from different streams also contributed to the diverse and dynamic display. The exhibition was graced by Chief Guest Sunil Mishra from VIPS, who brought valuable insights to the event. Dr. A. Ram Pandey, the Dean of the School of Mass Communication at Galgotias University, added an academic touch, enhancing the significance of the occasion. In a refreshing twist, students from various streams participated in the exhibition, contributing to the eclectic mix of visual narratives. This cross-disciplinary approach not only enriched the exhibition but also fostered collaboration and creative exchange among students from different academic backgrounds. To acknowledge the efforts and creativity of the participating students, certificates were awarded to each participant. These certificates not only serve as a recognition of their contributions but also encourage a culture of appreciation for diverse talents within the university community Chief Guest Sunil Mishra applauded the collaborative spirit among students from different streams and praised their ability to transcend disciplinary boundaries. Dr. A. Ram Pandey emphasized the importance of such events in fostering a holistic and inclusive educational environment.

Mentor Name – Dr.Manish Srivastav

Department Name –School of Media and Communications

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