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Intellectual Property Rights for Sustainable and Technological Development (IPRSTD-2024)

Event Date: 6th - 10th February 2024

In this contemporary world, creativity and innovation have become the continuous drivers for the economic growth and development of nations. The Government of India has come up with its campaign ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ making India a self-reliant nation. Entrepreneurs are those who creates a holistic ecosystem facilitating advancement and development in the field of technology in the world full of challenges and hurdles. There is an abundance of creative and innovative energies flowing in India. However, much of the Intellectual Property (IP) created remains unprotected. The probable reasons could be lack of awareness, weak infrastructural support and perceptual mind blockages related to the complicated procedures associated with the Intellectual Property management. The Government of India had launched its flagship initiative “Start-up India” on January 16, 2016 so as to promote awareness and adoption of IPRs by the budding entrepreneurs and to facilitate them in protecting and commercializing their IPRs. This workshop is designed to focus on right kind of orientation to the participants in strengthen knowledge of entrepreneurship with basic understanding and practical approach to the Intellectual Property Rights. The prime purpose of this workshop is to inspire young mind to become innovative and change makers.


  • The workshop will be a unique experience of diving into the entrepreneurial world, learning how to incorporate entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.
  • To explain the role of Intellectual Property Rights in promoting and safeguarding the interests of the innovators.
  • To boost the level of awareness, curiosity, knowledge and information about IPR issues and to develop a broad understanding of the need to integrate IP at institute level with proper strategy and planning.
  • To give an insight on how faculty, students, and staff of the academic institutions can protect their start-ups by translating their creative and innovative work into IP rights.
  • To provide advanced knowledge of IPRs and its importance and implications in promoting entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem.

Department Name – Department of Civil Engineering Galgotias University

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