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A Comprehensive Faculty Development Program on Academic Writing and Research Methodologies

Event Date: 5th - 9th February 2024

The FDP was organized for faculty members, lecturers, research students, and early career researchers who would like to get a sound understanding of writing their research work for peer-reviewed national and international journal publications and doctoral dissertations. The program covered different aspects of academic writing, starting from defining research problems to presenting published work amongst a larger audience. The participants learnt how to use and analyze data in their research work. The program provided an opportunity to discuss their ideas and publication possibilities with resource persons.

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) aimed to equip faculty, students, and research students with the essential skills for effectively writing quality research papers. It was a collaborative effort to enhance the teaching-learning experience in the field of research. Through the FDP, participants were be able to understand basic concepts of research and its methodologies, identify appropriate research topics, select and define research problems and identify variables and evaluating the functions of a hypothesis.

The FDP covered different aspects of academic writing, starting from defining research problems to sharing published work amongst larger audience.

The participants acquired skills in data analysis to enhance their research endeavours. The resource persons shared their expertise and experiences in journal publication, providing participants in producing high-quality research outcomes. The FDP utilized a mix of instructional methods including case studies, lectures, discussions, presentations, audio-visual aids, hands-on exercises, and experimental tasks. Additionally, the program addressed the submission, post-submission, and revision processes to ensure comprehensive understanding and application of research methodologies.

Coordinator Name – Dr. Seema Thakur, Dr. Nupur Mishra

Department Name – School of Finance and Commerce

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