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Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal's Interactive Session at Galgotias University

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal's Interactive Session at Galgotias University.

Date: 1st December 2023

Venue: Galgotias University

Introduction: Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal, a distinguished legal personality, graced Galgotias University with his presence for a rare and insightful interactive session with the students.

Purpose of the Visit: The interactive session aimed to provide students with a unique opportunity to engage with a seasoned legal expert, gaining valuable insights into the legal profession, the judiciary, and contemporary legal issues.

Highlights of the Session

  1. Engaging Dialogue: Justice Rajesh Bindal actively engaged with students in a dynamic dialogue, encouraging them to ask questions and share their thoughts on various legal topics.
  1. Career Guidance: The Hon'ble Justice shared valuable advice and insights regarding career paths in the legal field, offering guidance on the skills and qualities essential for success.
  1. Case Discussions: Students had the privilege of discussing prominent legal cases with Justice Bindal, gaining a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of the law.
  1. Interactive Q&A: An interactive question and answer session allowed students to directly interact with the Hon'ble Justice, fostering a direct exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Student Feedback: Students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to interact with a legal luminary like Justice Rajesh Bindal. They found the session enriching, inspiring, and invaluable in shaping their understanding of the legal profession.

Conclusion: The visit of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal to Galgotias University proved to be a remarkable and enriching experience for both students and faculty. The interactive session not only provided valuable insights into the legal domain but also motivated students to pursue excellence in their legal careers. Galgotias University extends its heartfelt appreciation to Justice Rajesh Bindal for sharing his wisdom with the academic community.