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Holi Sangram A coding Competition in Hackerank platform

Event Date: 18th March 2024

Holi Sangram-A Coding Competition conducted by Research Group Web & Mobile Application Development (WMAD) Mentors for Students on hackerank Platform by SCSE & SCAT. HackerRank is a programming practice platform that provides competitive challenges and tests for learning skills and preparing for technology careers. Many major employers, like Google and Meta, use HackerRank or similar platforms to assess the coding skills of potential candidates. However, students and seasoned professionals can also use HackerRank to work collaboratively with peers and keep their skills sharp. For students and those learning coding or programming, HackerRank is an excellent tool for practicing new skills and developing proficiency in programming languages.

Holi Sangram: A code war Event in Hackerank platform is analogous to 'dynamic competitions' in the programming world, but there are no bars in terms of age, gender, etc. From people who have just in 1st year of university to the ones who are already established in their careers, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the competitive event. In addition to being a fun activity, preparing for these events is an effective way to study for technical rounds in interviews, which are majorly coding rounds that require candidates to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of complex algorithmic frameworks and data structures. In fact, many tech companies have made competitive programming a part of their hiring process. Let's get into the details of the world of competitive coding.

The main purpose of participating in such an event by the research group members is that Coding is considered to be a challenging profession. And, once you begin working in this field, you might face new issues that no one else tackled before and you might be required to address them. At a certain point in time, it will be essential for you to start making use of your academic ability for problem-solving talents as well as logical arguments to come up with an optimal solution in the shortest time limit or via the shortest path available.

Mentor Name – Dr. Sudeshna Chakraborty, Dr. Pallavi Jain, Kimmi Gupta, Sonia Rani

Department Name – School of Computer Application & Technology (SCAT), School of Computer Science & Engineering (SCSE)

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