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Expert Talk on Privacy Law (Expert : Rodney D Ryder)

Event Date: 11st March 2024

On ,March 11, 2024, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group hosted an expert talk on "Online Conduct and Behavior" aimed at understanding and addressing the nuances of online behavior in the digital age. The event featured Rodney D. Ryder,  Cyber Law Expert Over 25 Years  in the field, who provided insights and perspectives on navigating the complexities of online interactions.

Key Points Discussed:

Understanding Online Conduct:

  • The speaker began by defining online conduct and emphasizing its significance in shaping digital interactions. Online conduct encompasses a wide spectrum of behaviors, ranging from cyberbullying and harassment to respectful communication and digital citizenship.

Impact of Online Behavior:

  • Participants gained an understanding of the profound impact online behavior can have on individuals, communities, and society at large. The speaker highlighted the far-reaching consequences of online actions, including reputational damage, psychological harm, and legal implications.

Ethical Considerations:

  • A key focus of the discussion was on ethical considerations in online conduct. Participants explored the ethical dimensions of anonymity, privacy, and accountability in the digital realm. The speaker underscored the importance of upholding ethical standards and promoting responsible online behavior.

Strategies for Positive Engagement:

  • The talk also delved into strategies for fostering positive online engagement and cultivating a culture of respect and empathy. Participants learned practical tips for promoting constructive dialogue, resolving conflicts, and mitigating the risks of online misconduct.

Role of Education and Awareness:

  • Education and awareness emerged as crucial tools for promoting digital literacy and empowering individuals to navigate online spaces safely and responsibly. The speaker emphasized the need for ongoing education initiatives and collaborative efforts to address the challenges posed by online behavior.


In conclusion, the expert talk on "Online Conduct and Behavior" provided a thought-provoking exploration of the dynamics of online interactions. Participants gained valuable insights into the complexities of online conduct and received practical guidance on promoting positive online behavior. The event served as a catalyst for ongoing dialogue and action aimed at fostering a safer, more respectful digital environment.


We extend our sincere thanks to Rodney D. Ryder for sharing their expertise and insights with us. We also express special gratitude to Ms. Aradhana Galgotia, Director Operations, Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Awadesh, PVC , Dr. Sunita Yadav ,Dean, SCSE for supporting and guiding to host such talk. Thanks to all participants for their active engagement and contributions to the discussion.

Moving Forward:

As we reflect on the insights gained from the expert talk, we are committed to continuing our efforts to promote ethical online conduct and cultivate a culture of digital responsibility. Together, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and respectful online community.

[Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group ] [School of Computer Science and Engineering}

Mentor Name – Dr. Alok Katiyar, Dr. Nitin Pandey, Dr. Vimal Kumar

Department Name – Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group, School of Computer Science and Engineering

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