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Experimental farm in the campus to grow and supply organic vegetables

Galgotias University provides low cost vegetables and food grains grown in the campus to students and staff. This reduces the gap between financial constraints and basic needs. We have maintained a herbal garden, polyhouse, green house and well developed experimental farm in the campus to provide access to nutritional food. The University has embraced the demand for vegetarian and vegan food. We promote sustainability through educational campaigns, workshops and events that inform students and staff about the importance of sustainable food choices and their impact on the environment. The University also has a 17 acres agricultural farm and orchard unit to cater to sustainable food choices. 

University has subsidized the cost of meals in on-campus cafeterias making it more affordable for students and staff to access healthy food. University offers workshops, seminars and awareness programmes to promote awareness of balanced nutrition. Full-fledged crop cafeteria, in house pantries make the campus a holistic environment to provide affordable food choices 

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