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Cyber Space and the Law-Concepts and Legal Determination (Expert : Rodney D Ryder)

Event Date: 4th March 2024

The Expert talk titled "Introduction to Cyber Law and Risk in Cyberspace" provided an insightful exploration into the legal and risk landscapes of the digital realm. Hosted at the Cyber Security Institute on March 5th, 2024, the event aimed to equip participants with a foundational understanding of cyber law and its implications.

Speakers delved into various aspects of cyber law, elucidating its role in governing digital activities, protecting data privacy, and combating cybercrimes. They underscored the significance of adhering to legal frameworks amidst the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Moreover, discussions emphasized the escalating risks inherent in cyberspace, ranging from data breaches to ransomware attacks. Attendees gained valuable insights into mitigating these risks through robust cybersecurity measures and compliance with pertinent regulations.

The event fostered engaging dialogue and knowledge exchange among participants, comprising cybersecurity professionals, legal experts, and technology enthusiasts.

In conclusion, "Introduction to Cyber Law and Risk in Cyberspace" served as a catalyst for raising awareness about the legal and risk dimensions of cyberspace, empowering individuals and organizations to navigate this complex terrain effectively.

Mentor Name – Dr. Alok Katiyar, Dr. Nitin Pandey, Dr. Vimal Kumar

Department Name – Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group, School of Computer Science and Engineering

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