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Blood Donation Camp (14th March)

Date - 14th March 2024

The Galgotias School of Nursing, in a significant collaboration with Rotary Club Green, successfully organized a blood donation camp on 14th March at the Galgotias Campus. The camp aimed to contribute to the local blood banks while raising awareness about the critical importance of blood donations. The event saw an enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and the community, collecting a commendable volume of blood donations that exceeded expectations Objectives

- To bolster the local blood supply in response to an increasing demand.

- To enhance awareness of the vital role blood donation plays in healthcare.

- To foster a sense of community and philanthropy among participants.

 Planning and Preparation

Preparation for the blood donation camp involved meticulous planning that included securing a suitable venue within the Galgotias Campus, coordinating with the local blood bank for logistics and technical support, and launching a comprehensive awareness campaign. Promotional activities leveraged social media, campus bulletins, and word-of-mouth to maximize participation. Volunteers from both organizing bodies underwent training to assist in the smooth execution of the event.


The day of the camp was marked by a structured flow, beginning with donor registration, followed by a preliminary health screening to ensure donors' eligibility. The donation process was conducted with strict adherence to health and safety protocols, ensuring a seamless and safe experience for all participants. Post-donation, donors were guided to a rest area where they were monitored for any immediate reactions and offered refreshments to help with recovery.


The camp witnessed substantial turnout, with over 200 individuals registering to donate blood. Of these, 172 successfully donated, including 50 first-time donors. The diverse group of donors spanned students, faculty members, and community residents, showcasing a united front for this noble cause.

 Health and Safety

Stringent health and safety measures were in place throughout the camp, including the use of sterile equipment for each donor, regular sanitization of the donation area, and adherence to COVID-19 guidelines. There were no reported adverse reactions, underscoring the effectiveness of the precautionary measures adopted.

 Challenges and Solutions

One challenge faced was a brief period of overcrowding due to higher than anticipated turnout. The issue was swiftly addressed by increasing the number of registration desks and managing the flow of donors through the pre-donation process more efficiently


Special thanks to the volunteers, medical professionals, and all participants who played a vital role in the camp's success. Gratitude is also extended to Rotary Club Green for their invaluable partnership and support.

 Conclusion and Future Recommendations

The blood donation camp at Galgotias Campus was a resounding success, making a significant contribution to the local blood bank while fostering a spirit of community service. Future camps could benefit from an expanded registration area and increased promotion to involve even more of the community in this life-saving initiative.

Mentor Name – Prof. (Dr.) Lekha Bist

Department Name – Galgotias school of Nursing

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